Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last day in the Place I Love the Most

Monday. Sad day. The last day to be in Portland visiting the green-ness and my wonderful mission peeps. But I wanted to make the most of it. So many people I had not seen yet but I was trying to do it all of course! First people we saw that day was my friend Manika and her mom Lynn and sister "Mrytle". We met up at Chili's for lunch where Lynn treated all of us! It was awesome to see Manika again as I hadnt seen her since 2004. I got to meet Lynn for the first time and one of her other daughters, Mrytle who was super cute! We had such a fun time visiting and catching up with each other.

Next we headed to Milwaukie to visit my friend Autumn and her kids Christion and Ari. Chris was there as well. Their garden was sooo cool , I loved the fence, made out of branches. I wish I had taken a picture of it. Autumn and I talk often online but it was nice to just talk face to face and see how her cute kids are doing.

Then it was time to drive to McMinnville to see some friends. We ended up getting there later than I had planned. The drive was a little more than an hour away from where we were. Tony and Pandy napped on the way while I drove. My camera taking skills while driving are amazing. LoL

Got to the Egan's and it was wonderful to see them! He was the branch president in my last area in the Dayton YSA ward. He was also my dentist. Pres Egan and his wife fed us often. They were so generous to us missionaries! I have tried to keep in good touch with them since leaving Portland in April 2005. Their new house is amazing and we went on a little hike behind their house and I saw a snake and a chewed down tree that a beaver had worked on. There was a lake there too and so many paths I am surprised we did not get lost. We ate some dinner, Pres Egan bbq'd and their son Doug came.

Left McMinnville without getting to see the Cymbala's or Ruby...got to see Sis Dykes briefly , she and her family still are the landlords over the apartment complex I used to live in as a missionary so it was fun to see her again! Got back to the Clackamas area and tried to see Christine Jones and her daughter Brie who we taught when I was in that area but nobody was home. Rachelle Wing, really wanted to see her but she was not home either although we did talk on her cell. So we stopped by Jeremy's house to hang out for a bit and return his sleeping bag and tent which Tony ended up not using.

Jeremy is airbrushing my motorcycle helmet and I am SO EXCITED because he does awesome work..

I cant wait until it is done! There are going to be some cherries on the back...

and here is a random pic of me at Winco in the bulk food section.

Got up early early to fly out on Tuesday morning, my flight left at 6 and Tony's left an hour or so after that. Had to fill up the rental car with gas and there were no gas stations by the airport! So going to try and find one (thank you GPS) almost made me late to check in but I made in just in time. Phew. Rene was so kind to pick me up from the airport and drop me off at work.

I'm sooo happy I was finally able to go to Portland and see many people I love and miss. I am already planning a trip to go back in September!

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Aaron and Ashley said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your banner! Very cool! :) And it is so your personality! I cant wait for your sis to come home. We are gonna hang out. And you come here in July right? Things are pretty sane around here now, so we should be able to hang out. :)