Monday, June 1, 2009

Caving - A Whole New World

While Tony was in Portland with me, he had also planned to go caving up in Trout Lake, WA and wanted me to come with him to try it out. I was really nervous and scared but very excited too because my dad has gone caving before and it always sounded kind of cool to try. The NCA (National Caving Assoc) was going from Friday through Monday but we just drove a couple hours to get there on Saturday morning and did a self-guided cave " Ice Cave "

Here I am suited up & ready to go

At the grand entrance to the ice cave

Did I mention it was an ice cave?

getting ready to slide down some ice - so cold!

It was very scary and very slippery inside the cave to me and it was hard! We only had 1 glove to share because we could not find the other 3 but other than cold hands I was mostly warm. Unless I sat on the ice too long.

Headed back to the camping spot where everyone was to practice the ropes and wait until the afternoon caving where a group of us had signed up to go to a certain cave. There were about 8 to choose from that day! Some easy, some hard. The weather was perfect. Not too cold and not too hot. I like the picture of our rental car. Looks almost like a car commercial or something.

Tony had planned to stay the night so we set up his hammock and a tent that we borrowed from my friend Jeremy.

The view was amazing. I wish I could have stayed to camp out too but I had a missionary farewell for my friend Adam to go to that night in Oregon City.

Oops! Doesnt look like I could be of much help - hehe -

I was not as nervous to go in Resurrection Cave as I had been to go in the Ice Cave.

So many cool formations in this cave. It was really interesting to see how they were forming. It was pretty crazy to think that you could walk right above this stuff with having no idea there is a cave underneath. We had to tramp through a lot of bushes and fallen trees to find the entrance of this cave and I wondered who in the world could have ever found it.

looks like gold or something

This is a picture of Mt Hood, one of my favorite sites to see. Tony ended up coming back with me to Portland instead of spending the night which I thought was totally sweet of him because he loves caving and was excited to be there with all the caving people. He said he'd rather spend time with me though so I felt super special when he said that and I was so happy he came back with me.

The Young's new house in Oregon City was amazing. I didnt get any pictures but we got there about30 min before the festivities were ending. I got to see the Bairds (She was the RS President in the ward when I was there and her husband was in the bishopric) and got to talk to Adam who is going on his mission to Mexico! Saw the other kids...Zoe, Chase and Max and it was just really nice to be there, sitting outside, eating some food and talking face to face with people who I havent seen for a couple years.

Then we went to WINCO!! Bought snacks and food to eat for Sunday and that was about it for our Saturday.


Aaron and Ashley said...

I had to catch up on both of your latest bloggies. I WISH so bad that I could revisit my mish! It is clear accross country! Yeah that coool that Tony was able to go with you! The waterfall looks awesome! And I have been caving 3 times! Isnt is so great!!!??? Love the pretty flower pics too!

big_smartmouth said...

oh, how i miss winco!! i'll be flying back home next week and i'm making a pit stop there to get everything i need that they don't sale here!! i'm glad you had fun while you were up there in p-town. it is pretty kick butt up there, huh? =)