Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Because!

I am going to write about my Portland trip in the order of days that it happened. Why? Because if I wrote out my whole trip and uploaded all the pics I wanted to show in 1 post then it'd be way too long and you all might get bored. So I will start with Friday because that was my first full day in Oregon even though I flew in Thursday night. Landing at the airport was most exciting , the flight was fun too. Sat next to a girl and we watched Flight Plan on my laptop. Picked up the rental car with no problems - phew - and drove to Milwaukie, about 20 min from the airport. Tony had flown in Wed night from Salt Lake and was staying with my friend Jeremy. So I got to see Jeremy, pick up Tony and we went out to Adrianna and Josh's house in Damascus where we were staying.

Friday morning we got up and drove about 30 minutes or so to Multnomah Falls - one of my favorite spots in Oregon because it is so green, pretty, and you can hike to the top of a waterfall! I got some great pics of flowers along the way as well as the green and of us!

At the bottom & At the top

It was 1 mile to hike up and 1 mile back down. Tony was great and didnt push me to go faster than I could go. It wasnt hard hiking, it was just steep up hill a bit so I got out of breath and had to take my time.

Met up with my friend Cindy Angle who was a ward missionary when I served in the Clackamas ward in summer 2004. She treated Tony & I to Red Robin for lunch on her break from work. SO super nice of her and it was great to see her face to face and catch up on news, etc. She is wonderful!

Stopped by my old apartment complex just to revisit my missionary stomping ground. Lol. I saw fuzz in the air!! I think it comes from nearby trees but it was fun to see again.

Were driving around and went to Big Town Hero to eat but it was closed! I was super bummed because my mouth has been watering for it for a long long time. I mentioned to Tony - by accident of course - that I think Plaid Pantry is a dumb name for a store and I never wanted to go in. We decided to get Domino's for dinner and unfortunately there was a Plaid Pantry right next door and we had about 10 min to kill before our food was ready. This is me trying to frown but I am about to laugh at the same time because I knew where we were headed next.

The only happy thing I found inside were Go Girls!! Overpriced but there they were. Looks like I need

Headed back to Adrianna & Josh's for the evening Pandy got into the pizza. Pandy!!!

So we just chillaxed, watched a movie and went to bed early so we could be up early to go to Trout Lake , WA on Saturday for caving!

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Carissa said...

Fun Fun Fun! Wish I could go back to visit my mission! I'm excited to see the pictures of the caves and temple.