Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Delicious Newsy Updates

Sometimes people ask me, "So what have you been up to lately?" And I say, "you know, just the activities, hanging with friends...." Doesnt sound like much but I feel like my life is exciting! So here are some cool things that have gone on recently in the last few weeks...

I finally broke down and got a new microwave. One that doesnt burn popcorn! I am so excited and I threatened my roomies if they even left a spec of food inside I was going to either ban them from using it or take it away. Ha! So far so good.

Went to the Salsa Festival @ Tempe Town Lakes with Paul (not pictured) Rene and Joey. Here we are taking a break. There were over 70 kinds of salsa to try and I probably tried 20 or so of them until I got so full I had a stomachache the rest of the day. One of my favorites was the pineapple one. Mmmm

Every week I go to Paul & Rene's for dinner & American Idol and one week we made shish kabobs. They were SO SO good , one of my favorite meals ever! Even though something as chicken and rice and salad tastes like heaven over there. Not sure why but I love seeing them weekly & hanging out!

My friend Justine moved to Highland UT about a week ago now. She is loving it and I do miss her but am glad her life is going to be better over there. I went to eat with her and Melissa & some of the girls from their ward who are in YW and we went to Sonic

My cousin's wife Rene had waited in line to get a ticket to the world priemere of the new X-Men Movie, Wolverine but on Monday the 27th of April when it actually was happening and she had been unable to get 2 more tickets for Paul & Joey to come, she asked me if I wanted her ticket to go. At first I didnt really know much about the movie, not following the hype about it and I had a temple easter pageant bbq to go to that night but when I figured out I could do both I said "sure!" I'm really glad I went! It was so fun to be there with the crowd of people waiting to see the stars walk down the red carpet. I only had my camera phone with me, thus the crappy pic of Hugh Jackman. I got to touch his arm though when a girl next to me was getting his autograph! He is super tan and was really nice, not walking fast but stopping to say hi to fans and sign their poster, shirt or even arm! The movie was great & I've seen it twice already. Thank you thank you thank you Rene for asking me if I wanted to use your ticket! I know how hard it was for you to give it up & I wish you had been able to get 2 more tix so your whole family could go.

I finally got the kitchen table I've been wanting for like, ever. Prob since the mission when Laura Bulson, one of the ladies that Sis Leiva and I were teaching, had one and we'd sit at it and have gospel discussions with her. WELL , on Saturday the 2nd , Brennen and I went to look at a cockatiel in Phoenix and while he ended up getting the bird (I was bummed) the lady was having a garage sale and sold me this table for $50. Now, that very same morning I had found a nice oval'ish type table with 2 chairs down the street with a sign saying "FREE" so I took that home but then since I've found this tall dark colored table , I am selling the table that was in its place before and the oval table. For now we'll sit at bar stools but my roomies cant put anything on the table until I get a piece of plastic or a cover to protect it with.


big_smartmouth said...

i am so jealous!! first off, because i have never heard of salsa fest. i LOOOOVE salsa. and, i, too, love pineapple salsa. yummy!

but, more importantly, i cannot believe you got to go to the premiere and meet hugh jackman!! i have the biggest crush on that man (i have a thing for the australian accent=)

lucky, lucky, lucky!!

Aaron and Ashley said...

Oh man I love shish kobobs!! I havent had them in years! Yes American Idol is a ritual for us too. :) We love it! Sounds like you are having fun as usual. Love ya!

Michael Beckstead said...

That's awesome about the World Premier of Wolverine! I really want to see it... BAD!

Dragon_Fire said...

man...premiere?? Thats awesome. I just got to go to the midnight showing, although that was awesome too!! Glad you had fun.

DeAnn Law said...

Hey :) we got our Table at Walmart it came with the table.. So i'm not sure where to buy chairs. Ikea might have some they have tables that are kinda smilar to ours :) I hope everything is going great for you! You sound like your having fun, You got to meet Hugh Jackman i'm jealous and James is even more jealous!