Wednesday, April 29, 2009

you Knead to eat @ Kneaders!

My friends Aimee and Carissa told me about this wonderful cafe place in Provo (other locations too..) called Kneaders.

Its the best because they have unlimited french toast in the morning until 11am and it is only about $5 and their french toast tastes SO GOOD, like cinnamon rolls! And the bread they make it with is sooo thick, even thicker than texas-toast bread I think. It was def. worth the drive there to go eat & see friends! I plan to make it a tradition to go here to eat every time I am in Provo!

After stuffing our faces @ Kneaders and taking tons of pics (I spared you and only posted 2 here) Sadly I forgot to take pics of our actual food. Darn! Next time....thank you Nicole & Ben, Aimee & Bailey and Carissa & Michael for coming here to meet up with me and to eat!

Next Tony & I went to visit Bro & Sis Valentine who were in town visiting from my hometown in California! It was great to see them and meet some more of Sis Valentine's family. Her sister has a hair salon on her house downstairs and I hear Emily talk about it so it was cool to actually be right there!

Then we went to visit my long-time friend Ricky and his wife Jen & his son Benjamin who I had never met before. Ahh such a great visit with them and they shared some chocolate milk from the Creamery YUM. Ricky & I email back and forth sometimes or leave comments on Facebook but it has been a few years (since 2005!) since I have seen him face-to-face. Wonderful family & I'm happy that he is still strong in the LDS church and has a beautiful family!


Michael Beckstead said...

Kneaders is so good, I love that place!

Aaron and Ashley said...

HEY I think I remember the Valentines! It looks like yet another fun time with Tony and I LOVE breakfast. It is my fav meal of the day. :)

big_smartmouth said...

oh my gosh! you're description just made me drool....really! i love french toast. i'll have to hit up that place the next time i'm passing thru utah!