Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Crazy Week!

Working as a pageant warrior for the Easter pageant was very time consuming and hard work but like serving a mission, it was totally worth it. I got to help with parking in the handicapped section and the gravel lot, work at the missing children table, help with trash and one of the neatest things, help hold the curtain right up on stage on the nights it was windy! Here are some shots from the temple pageant:

Ben, Ashley, Hillary & Hillary Hillary was lost so I stayed with her..hehe

Easter pageant crowd - last night! me & my friend Ben from Tucson

my good friend Brennen brought me Subway because I was cold and hungry and on a dark street

It was cool because the last couple nights we got a general authority to speak to us , the first night it was Elder Anderson (newly called at Gen Conf!) and the other night it was Elder Mash I believe...or something that rhymes with that name. Hash? Nash? Anyways it was incredible to hear them speak and be in their presence. I feel so blessed that the pageant warriors were allowed to attend the devotional which happened every night Tu-Sat for the members of the Easter pageant cast.

During the last few days of the pageant my friend Carli who I met when I served as a missionary in Oregon came to visit me and see the temple pageant. She and her daughter Gracie stayed with me for a week! It was interesting sharing my room with 2 people because I am not used to that but it worked out okay. I didnt get to spend too much time with them because right after work I was headed to the pageant but on Saturday we went shopping at Last Chance in Phoenix (a clothing store) and on Sunday we ate dinner at a mutual friends house.

In the morning before church I went to Al & Sara's house - friends of my cousin Paul & his wife Rene and we had brunch which there was tons of good food - waffles, rice, ham, pasta salad, fruit, hashbrowns....and then the adults hid eggs for the boys to find. It was so fun and I hated to leave but in the afternoon Carli dropped her daughter off with a friend & we went to the Gable YSA ward for Sacrament Mtg and Sunday School.

After dinner at the Hoopes' house where they had very delicious food, I went home to chill and try to get things cleaned up. My roomies are not so good sometimes about keeping things picked up so I vaccumed, mopped and wiped down. Phew. I hate hate hate having a messy place and even more so people that keep it messy. Carli did a fairly good job of picking up after her & Grace though.

Monday we ate at Costa Vida with Carli's friends Beth & Jimmy and their daughter Kennedy. I really liked the food here and my friend Steve came and hung out with us a bit and took this gangster shot of me with his camera. Hehe After eating Carli & I picked up my friend Alex & we went to the institute to hang out and play pool, etc.

All in all it was a great time working at the temple pageant and I am sad to have it over but it was very time-consuming and demanding. Thanks to all who came to see it! One night there was 17,000 people who attended! It was fun to have Carli visit and meet her daughter Grace and be able to do some fun things with them.


Aaron and Ashley said...

It sounds like a great time at the temple pagent and LOTS of people! 17,000 that is awesome! I love your gangsta pic. It is totally not you at all. :) Lol. Love YA! Ash Great to see another update!

Michael Beckstead said...

Your life is a daily adventure!