Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's a Tony Weekend! #1

I've been on a countdown with ants in my pants waiting for Tony to come visit me in Arizona ever since I got his itinerary from Southwest Airlines. He flew in on the 26th of March at 2:45pm. Unfortunately I got off work at 3pm and didnt get to him until about 3:30. Yay!!

First we went to the 101.5 Jams radio station because I won the "pay your bills" contest a couple weeks ago on the radio! So I had to bring some documentation of a couple bills that they are paying (rent and electric) and it will take 9 weeks or less to get the money. The faster the better I say! Esp bc I've been paying double rent!

Next , Tony wanted to go to Cabela's so we headed out there and walked around for a bit, checked out some guns and ammo & got some cool pics

After Cabela's we got back to my place about 7pm, just in time to unload my car, change and head over to institute. The class was pretty good, I like Bro Flores as a teacher. Class is about teachings of the latter-day prophets. Food afterwards was nachos!! Talked to some friends then we just headed back to my place to watch a couple movies and hang out before starting a fresh new day on Friday!


Aaron and Ashley said...

Yay! I love hearing about Tony weekends!! :) You two just look so cute together...Looks like you both had a TON of fun! Love ya! Ash

Aimee said...

How fun :)

We go to Cabela's often. Its like 5 minutes from our house. They have the best fries!!!!

Beckstead Family said...

That's great Tony was in town for the weekend! It looks like from the two posts that you guys had a lot of fun together!