Friday, April 24, 2009

Jericho Road Concert & Adventure

Jericho Road came to Logan , Utah and I got Tony & I a ticket to see them perform at a high school. Tony likes their music too so hopefully he didn't suffer too much but I had a great time seeing them perform.

After getting my pic with the guys and chatting with them for a bit after (they remember meeting me before 2003!! Amazing!) We headed back to SLC, or so we thought. Tony decided to turn off the GPS and we ended up missing the freeway entrance....

...and we were stuck up on a hill in the dark. After 4 miles we were 1 mile away from getting back to the freeway and we got stuck sort of in mud and snow. It was scary. Had no cell reception and Tony got out to go up around the corner in the road to see if it got worse...and it did! So we had to back down the hill & I got out and walked in the mud & it was cold and I directed him to a spot with the light of my cell phone so he could find a place to turn around. Drove back down the hill, going so slow bc of rocks, etc and turned left instead of right and hit some even worse ruts - Tony has a low car already!

Finally we made it out and back to the freeway with the help of a truck that decided to turn around (they were headed the right direction) and watched us back up and out again of the muddy ruts with our tires spinning. We were never so glad to get back to a paved road.

We stopped to grab some food at Sonic and a few things from Walmart for our Sunday dinner and the next day Tony's car looked like this:

so muddy but it survived!


Michael Beckstead said...

Wow! What an adventurous night with Jericho Road and the mud/snow!

Dragon_Fire said...

what a story. Thats what I love about adventures....the stories you get to tell after!

Aaron and Ashley said...

Hey girl! That looks like a lot of fun! Looks like Tony is still coming both are too cute! Lol. Love Ya! Ash

big_smartmouth said...

my sister loves them! she will be so jealous when i tell her you went!