Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's a Tony Weekend!! Part 3

Saturday was another packed day with FuN things to do. We started out the morning by going yard-sale-ing (no luck) and waiting around for a girl to come check out the room I have for rent. A girl named Bree ended up moving in with her 9 year old son that day instead...they are staying for 2 weeks or maybe 2 months. They are trying to move into a condo.

Tony needed to get a haircut so we went to a place around the corner and down the street from me. While we were waiting, Tony taught me how to play Sudoku which is on my Zune. Meanwhile a guy from my bishopric, Bro Gray and his two boys came in to get haircuts. We had to rush rush rush to Chandler after Tony got his hair cut to get to Joey's soccer game. It was cool to meet up with Paul & Rene again and the game was fun to watch! We went to their house afterwards for a bit and watched some American Idol they had ti-vo'd and decided to go to Marley's (not how it is spelled) which is a sports bar in Chandler, for dinner. Rene had been wanting to try it. Oh my goodness the food was SO SO GOOD! I got a salad with chicken, pineapple, mushrooms and other delish stuff in it. Tony liked that they finally put the soccer game on for us to watch as we ate. It was great being able to eat with my cousin and his family + that they got to meet Tony.

USA and whoever they were playing tied and we left a bit after 8 and hurried to Goodwill where we found some good deals! Then went to Fresh & Easy to use 1 of my coupons and buy a little food for Sunday. Went over to Ocean Blue - one of our favorites - and got some frozen youghert, then...

In the evening we went to the Shaun Barrowe's concert and this time - success! He was at Cafe Boa and I saw my friend David and his gf there and a waiter pulled a table over to the section where Shaun was performing and Tony & I sat there for about an hour listening to him sing and play the keyboard. I got to talk to him afterwards and get another picture with him. Yay for such a fun and busy Saturday with Tony!

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