Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's a Tony Weekend!! The End

Sunday we didnt have church til 1:45 so we made some food - crock pot roast! MMmm my favorite. Tony helped me go through a few of my tubs of belongings (the agreement was two) but turned out to be more. He was very helpful and very patient with me when I argued (playfully of course..but sort of seriously) about stuff I wanted to hang on to. He calmed me down and convinced me to get rid of things I didnt need and werent using anymore. You never know! It could come in handy someday. I guess you could say I take after my dad..he likes to keep things too. My mom is the one who is like "chop chop, go through your things and get rid of stuff!" Tony is like that to me. Which is GOOD because if he wasnt , someday we might live in a house full to the top of "stuff". Reminds me of a certain apartment of an investigator on the mission...

(I recently made this mess in about 5 min trying to find something)

Sacrament mtg in Gable ward was really good. There were some great talks. Then they had the guys and girls split up and it was one of those good 'ol dating talks/lectures/meetings. I thought we'd only be apart for 1 hour but they kept us apart from the guys for TWO hours!! They asked each group a bunch of questions during Sunday School time. Some of the girls were very vocal....questions about if you are interested in a guy what should you do, how long should a date last, what do you think about them opening a car door for you...lets just say some of the views of a certain bishopric member's wife and my own collided. I didnt say a word but let everyone shout their opinions. I dont like to say something in church then get asked to back it up. Sometimes that flusters me. Lol. So during the last hour the Bishopric came in and instead of giving us the guys answers to the questions we had all been asked, they just asked us the SAME questions again! It was not very helpful to me. But mostly I didnt really care because I feel like I've found what I want and I know my answers to all their questions already. The best part was meeting up in the cultural hall afterwards for some closing words (which went too long) and cupcakes (hooray). I sat at a table with Krystal and Charles, a guy named Charlie and a few other people. Talked to Rusty and Courtney after church and finally went home to the delicious smell of our pot roast which turned out very very good!

I had a temple pageant warriors meeting that night at 7:30 so Tony & I went to that, then we walked around the Mesa temple grounds (right across the street from our mtg) because I wanted to show him the stage that had been set up for the pageant.

(sat afternoon at my cousin's house)

Monday morning we were up & out the door early so that I could get Tony to the airport to catch his flight back to Utah. In just a couple weeks I will be flying to Utah to visit him! I'm glad I could have such a good weekend with Tony & that we were able to do so many fun fun things.


Lindsay said...

I remember that "certain investigator"... Yikes. So are you moving to Utah...?

Stacie said...

Mmmm no I am not moving to Utah yet. or maybe never. I dont know still. I am going to visit Utah in 12 days though :-D BuT there were a few conference talks which I found directed towards me so we'll see what happens if I choose to accept another big change in my life or not :-/

Aaron and Ashley said...

Hey Stacie! I guess you did get to see that is cool! I think you and Tony look like so happy, and you look like a cute couple. :) Keep on trucking girl. Something will work out for you two.