Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's a Tony Weekend!! Part 2

Friday morning we went to Jamba Juice for breakfast..

and to the MVD (DMV in CA) so I could get the registration for my car fixed so it showed my right license plate number, I mean, word - CACHICK - it was nice to get that taken care of!

I had gotten us reservations to go to the Botanical Gardens near Phoenix to see the Chihuly exhibit , made by a guy in Oregon and his work is on display here in Arizona. He made it all out of glass and the bigger ones, well, they are all big! were shipped piece by piece and assembled once they arrived at the Botanical Gardens. Impressive! My visiting teachers had gone and a few other people I knew and after seeing their pictures, I really wanted to go check it out! Here are a few of the many I took

After being at the gardens for a couple hours we went to YC's Mongolian BBQ. We both really like trying to see how high we can stack our bowls. I was so impressed with the service here! They gave us papers to press our food down with and had suggestions on how to flavor our creation. It was so delicious and we were stuffed by the time we finished. Headed to Costco and walked around and sampled some freebies - always a fun thing to do!

Later that evening we went to my friend Adrienne's birthday party over at one of her friend's houses who said she'd host it. I planned only to drop in & say hi but it turned out to be really fun! I wish I had taken pictures of the was pretty big! There was a pool and hot tub, garden and pond that looked like a small pool, huge sand box with a fort built right there in the sand and a kitchen area with counter, sink, fridge, everything! There was an outdoor room with 3 walls and a flat ceiling and you could walk one or two steps down into it and the walls were painted a nice shade of brownish orange and there were couches mostly and people hanging out there. I saw a lot of friends & people I knew so we didnt leave until almost 10.

I thought Shaun Barrowe's was performing in Tempe that night but we drove all the way there, found Cafe Boa and a couple guys that worked there said they didnt know about anything either that night or the next night going on with him! Oops! I was a little sad bc we left Adrienne's party for no reason but we ended up walking around Mill Ave and enjoyed the night life of the college students going on there, plus there was an art festival going on that weekend and even though all the booths were covered with tarps for the night, it was kind of neat to see the setup.


Aaron and Ashley said...

Aww thats too bad you didnt get to see Shawn...not that I know who he is but I always liked that kinda stuff too. I love JAMBA! I worked there for almost three years when I turned 18 and it was the best job! Looks like you two are having a lot of fun still! Enjoy it! Time flies when your having fun!

Shauna said...

What great pictures! Thanks for coming to visit my blog!
♥ Hugs :)