Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm a Pageant Warrior!

I get to volunteer this year for helping with the temple pageant - and they call us


Yes you got it. That's what I am. Last year was my first time ever seeing the Easter pageant. This year I was lucky enough to get to volunteer to help with it. There's a group of about 40 or so of us and every night of the pageant we show up, some as early as 3pm and stay until 10pm or so at night to do anything and everything. Something cool about being part of the pageant is that every night there is a devotional at the church building across the street about 7pm. Its for the cast members and us! It goes for about 1/2 hour and a missionary bears his testimony, someone gives a talk and a musical # and they go over business. The spirit that is felt there in those meetings is really something. I definitely have strengthened my testimony of the things I know to be true that I have been taught all growing up in the church & that this Easter pageant is something the Lord approves of. Lives are touched, people join the church and miracles happen during these 2 weeks.

First night I worked at the missing children's table. No lost kids, I think I did my job A++ as well as make some new friends and find my friend Sam a ride to Utah for conference. Multi-tasking chick I am!

The next night I got to help up on the stage behind the curtain, holding it back from the wind that was trying to push it out and onto the stage. That was an amazing thing to help do because at times you got to be so close to the actors and see what went on behind stage at all times. The set up and take down of different scenes. It was pretty neat.

The night after I got to work in the handicapped parking area. This got a little crazy but not too bad. We even had 22 spots left when the pageant started!

One more night I got to hold the curtain this last week and it was SO windy. Even more-so than the previous night. I was holding a smaller side curtain but at one point when the main curtain on stage was open, another person came to help me hold mine because the wind was billowing it out so much! Crazy.

Jeremiah with one of the actors

Cant wait to see what this next week brings - its the last week for the temple pageant so if you live in Arizona and haven't come to the Mesa temple grounds to see it yet, now is your chance!

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