Friday, March 6, 2009

Tempe Marketplace

Saturday night after being in Fountain Hills for most of the day , I hung out with Melissa and Justine. We went to Tempe Marketplace where my favorite local band, Regular Heroes , performed in the battle-of-the-bands for a spot to open for 3 Doors Down coming up. I thought they played their 3 songs very well! My friend Jared is the lead singer (its his band) and my friend Kit from the Oregon Portland Mission is also in the band.


London Airspace also performed and I really liked the lead singer's voice. They did a good job.

After the performances we walked around Tempe Marketplace which is an outdoor mall and I havent explored it too much but we took some fun pics ...

Then we headed over to a party back in Mesa at this guy's house - he lives in a mansion in a gated community. I'm assuming it is his parents house. Not so many people when we got there but soo many came as the night went on. Downstairs there was music & dancing in the "gym/workout room" of the house and that lasted til something started burning so everyone went upstairs and mingled & danced. Outside there was a bball court, huge trampoline, jacuzzi, pool and a bar area where they served drinks (soda) and everyone I met was really nice & friendly. About 11:40 me, Melissa & Morgan were out front getting some air and a cop walked up and asked if we lived there (I wish!) and he was shutting the party down. We're like "we dont know whose house this is...we found out about it through a text and facebook" LOL!! The party was going to end at midnight anyways. But it was still such a fun night!

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