Thursday, March 5, 2009

Racing in Fountain Hills

My aunt & uncle from Woodland came to Arizona to visit for a week!! They arrived last Wednesday the 25th of Feb. Thursday I had institute so I didn't get to see them but Friday we went out to eat at Famous Dave's in Chandler for dinner. My first time! It was pretty good food there.

Saturday we went to the Fountain Hill's racetrack because my cousin Paul was in a 6 hour race with 2 team mates. They all took turns riding. Once around the track was about 15-20 min or a little less than that if you were fast! The weather was wonderful and I wore shorts and a t shirt. It was great to hang out with family and be doing something I haven't ever done before!

Vic on the left and my cousin Paul on the right , taking a break from riding

My cousin Paul & his wife Rene

We had a BBQ afterwards with everyone and it was really fun. We didnt leave til around 4pm after the awards were given out and I am proud to say that Paul's team got
for their division with a total of 21 laps around the track in six hours!

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Beckstead Family said...

You're racing next year, right? That looks like so much fun!