Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free iHop

OF COURSE I'm a sucker for anything free! I did free iHop last year for the first time in Arizona and waited about an hour in line to go again this year. It was totally worth it even though I gave my free pancakes to Brennen and ordered the Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity! LOL Saying the name just makes me want to laugh. So I have to point to it on the menu when placing my order with the waitress and try to smother my laugh.

My good friend Sarah was driving from New Mexico to CA and stopped by to spend the night so she came along to iHop too with me , Justine & Melissa

Saw some other friends that Justine and Melissa knew waiting for free pancakes too. My friend Melissa is pictured on the very right. We all ended up sitting at the same table though

Sarah & I both ordered the Rooty Tooty pancakes - YUM they are soo good


Aaron and Ashley said...

Hey thats cool! Free Ihop is way better than free Denny's which they just recently had two weeks ago. :D

Stacie said...

Yes I saw the free Denny's. I was unable to go off work to go but I should have gone at 1:50 (it ended at 2pm) and then gotten a rain check! Now THAT woulda been smart :)

Beckstead Family said...

Breakfast is so good! Yum!