Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Utah Valentine's Weekend

There are so many things to write about from my Valentine's weekend in Utah but I'll try to just give the highlights.

Rode up on Thursday after work with some people - 1 girl we dropped off in Cedar City, while my friend Victoria and I and a lady Becky & her baby rode the rest of the way to Salt Lake. We had to drive through Las Vegas which added about 40 min to the trip but it was a safer way to go because Flagstaff had a big snowstorm going on. At 8:30am Friday morning I finally arrived at Tony's apartment and we got to see each other for a bit before he had to go in to work for a couple hours.

When he got back we went to Draper to go through the new temple open house! It was very cool and I got to see Emily Depue after the tour (she is from my stake back home!) and she tipped me off to which building my sister was in so I got to meet up with her for a quick chat & a pic as well!

Later we got some Subway for a late lunch/early dinner and that evening we went to Provo to eat at the Creamery on the BYU campus with one of my good friends from back home, Nicole, and her husband Ben. I also saw a girl from my EFY group in 2001! But wasn't for sure if it was HER or not. Later we wrote to each other on Facebook and ahhh I wish I had said hi now because we haven't talked face-to-face for soo long!

Rented a redbox movie after eating and hung out at Ben & Nicole's place for awhile & enjoyed some delicious ice-cream from the Creamery too!

Saturday was Valentine's day AND it snowed for reals outside!! That in itself was so exciting.

I have never really celebrated V-day in the past...maybe once when I was 16 my guy-friend and I exchanged presents. That's about it. But Tony made sure this year I got a Valentine's day to remember!!

He got me my own set of really nice knives. I or two little sharp ones I use at home occasionally so it is really nice to have an organized set of all different kinds of sharp knives! He also made me homemade teriakyi beef jerky that is sooo good. I like it a lot.

I found this place online while looking for fun things to do in Utah and oh boy it was SO COOL to go here with Tony and see some live birds at a presentation before starting out on our walk around the aviary. My favorites were some bright red birds, the snowy owl and the kookaburra. Well, I really did like them all and Tony's favorite was the bald eagles of course!

We spent a couple hours at the bird aviary and then we went to Build-A-Bear at the outdoor mall in SLC. I was super excited because that is something I have always always wanted to do! It was one of Tony's V-day presents to me. Birthing Pandy was easy. Now she is my first child I have had with Tony so I am trying to be such a good mom! We even took Pandy to the grocery store and she carried our string cheese. What a good big girl! hehe

Bath time for Pandy!

Next went to eat at an African restaurant that Tony found and the food was very interesting to try. It was pretty good though!

We exchanged more presents and finally finally what I had been on pins & needles for a few weeks waiting for him to open was a digital scrapbook I made him on Shutterfly. He was anxious to open the package too because it arrived about a week before I got to Salt Lake. I think he liked it a lot!

and it looks like I really liked the card he got me...

I have always wanted to go to this place I had heard about , probably Tony told me, called "Spoon Me" just because it had a funny name like that! So we went finally and tried out their frozen yogurt. I have to admit, that Ocean Blue here in Mesa is much better. Tony agreed.

Sunday we went to church up at the University of Utah. There were 4 wards meeting in one huge building! Mark & Victoria had gone on ahead of us and we couldn't find them so we just popped into a random sacrament mtg. It was really good, the talks and a guy who sang "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief." We stayed for Sunday school and headed back to Tony's place after that where we made pizza on homemade bread that Tony had made that morning! YUM

After eating we went to temple square and walked around the Family History Center, the tabernacle and got a tour of the conference center. Victoria had never been to SLC before so it was fun to walk around and take some fun pics....

Monday morning we went to Costco and printed all the pictures we took over the weekend & saved even more to a CD for me to take home. Another gift Tony gave to me was 2 photo albums and an agreement to take tons of pics over the weekend - which we did!

Victoria & I left Salt Lake around 2pm I guess...encountered some snow around Cedar City, heavy rains through Vegas but made it back to Mesa about 1:30 Tuesday morning. The drive there and back was not the best but the time spent in Utah in between was definitely well worth it!

Thank you thank you thank you Tony for the best Valentine's weekend with you ever!


Aaron and Ashley said...

Cute Valentines Day Weekend with Tony! You two look like you just have so much fun together! :D Where is his dang ring?! hahaha. Okay well I loved reading your blog. You are always out and about and it is fun to live vicariously through you. :D Love Ash

Gates & Tausha said...

wowEE girlfren!!! you had an AMAZIN TIME!!!!! seriously looks like fun after fun after FUN!!! awesome!

Beckstead Family said...

Wow, looks like you had such a blast up here in Utah! Tony seems like quite the gentleman and that you guys have so much fun together! Great trip!

DeAnn Law said...

Cute picture's!! I love the ones of the Salt Lake Temple I miss seeing it every day :) Thankyou for the comment! James is a really great guy I'm excited to get to be with him. You should come say hi next time you see us! I need to make friends down here that are girls..