Monday, February 2, 2009

Shaun Barrowes live & in concert!

Friday night
I went to a free concert put on by my friend Shaun Barrowes. He remembered me better than I thought he would! He called me by name after the show which was so cool :) I rode with this girl Karen and her friend who I met on Facebook, into Phoenix to a little cafe. It was crowded but we found places to sit. I was so excited that my trainer from the mission - Tausha - could come! I havent seen her for a few months. I met her friend Jodi who was super nice and also saw my friends Nate & Ondalynn there too! (they were on a date) Here are some pics from the evening:


Gates & Tausha said...

that was SO fun!!! so shut up he knew your NAME?! wha?! awesome! he's so good...we totally had a blast! :) great to see you (and thx again for the star pillow case---amazing!)

Aaron and Ashley said...

Hey that looks like so much fun Stace! Well keep it gives me ideas of things to do for fun occasions. :D

Beckstead Family said...

That looks like you had a blast, especially since he remembered your name! You are now FAMOUS!