Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

I got back to Mesa from being home in California for Christmas on the 29th. Tony flew in from Utah on the 30th to visit for five days. I didn't have much time to prepare for him coming but I managed. I was so excited to have him come to town, and especially that he got to stay for so long!

I had to work on the 31st but just for a ½ day. Tony picked me up from work and we went to the Chandler mall and ate at Panda Express and walked around the stores. I have never walked around the inside of this mall before so it was pretty cool! and just fun being there with Tony.
In the evening we went to the last performance at the Mesa Temple and to see the lights. There was a missionary choir that performed some songs for about an hour. I saw my friend Edmund and a guy named Jason who also served in the Oregon Portland Mission with me.

After the temple lights, we went to Costco to do shopping but they were CLOSED! So we went to Polar Ice where the YSA were partying for New Years Eve and we got to ice skate for free somehow we never ended up paying our $2 . Had hamburgers, nachos and watched the ball drop!

On New Years Day pretty much everything was closed – including Costco again!! So we went to ride the new light rail into Phoenix. That was an adventure. It starts in Mesa so we got on and road for awhile, standing room only – it was so crowded! Got off for awhile to walk around and get some fresh air and caught a bus on Central & Thomas that took us all the way up to Thomas and 72nd! Very long ride but we checked out the mall and the main store we wanted to go to , Steve and Barry's, was CLOSED! It is / was closing but for some reason it wasn't open that day. So we got the bus again and then the light rail and got back to Mesa around 7:30. It took all afternoon to make that trip! I am so grateful that I have a car instead of relying on public transportation even though the light rail was cool. We went to eat at Texas Roadhouse – one of our favorite places! And relaxed after a long day of being out and about.

The next day we went to downtown Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl Parade! The weather was so nice & warm and I wore shorts for the first time this year of 2009!!

We went to Steve & Barry's again and this time they were OPEN and EVERYTHING was $3 or less….it was awesome. I got a bunch of stuff and Tony did too. Best thing is – he paid for it all! Love my sugar – daddy ;-) jk jk jk

One night we went to Ocean Blue – a yummy frozen yoghert place on Val Vista near the 60 in the Dana Park shopping area and it was super good but really cold to be eating outside! I had a couple buy one get one free coupons that we used so it turned out to be a really good deal.

We went to eat at the Rainforest Café on Saturday night before going to Ocean Blue again (with Morgan & Melissa) and the waiter sat us at a really cool table underneath the ceiling with the stars. I didn't know but this restaurant is the only one in Arizona! So that was kind of cool. Our food was really good & the company of course was great!

Tony flew back to Utah on Sunday evening …. Earlier on Sunday we tested out the Magic Bullet because we FINALLY had gotten to go to Costco on Friday - it was open! And we spent the rest of a gift card that Tony's work had given him at Christmas. We made a pot roast for dinner in my crock pot, ate angel food cake w/chocolate mousse that we had made in the Magic Bullet. We also made garlic butter and chicken salad.

It was a very very good five days with Tony & I felt like things went really well and that we got to know each other even better. We also celebrated a late Christmas together. I know he likes soccer so I got him a soccer lamp, air freshener and night light as well as making him a soccer pillowcase and angel food cake! He got ME a laptop. Yep! I am sooo excited not to have to use Laura's anymore. Phewee! The laptop cost him nothing I guess bc if he would have spent a lot I would have not been very happy. It is a Dell Inspiron 1420 and has Windows Vista on it! I can watch and burn cds/ dvds, it has a slot for my memory card, it has bluetooth and wireless internet of course! I am soooo very very very happy and excited about it. It was one of my favorite Christmas presents this year besides what my family & friends gave to me. I loved everything no matter what the cost or value!

I'm sooo glad that Tony wanted to and was able to come out to Arizona to visit!


Aimee said...

How fun!!!!!!!! :)
I wish we had done something even close to being that fun...we're so boring here!

The Winters Mathis said...

I agree with Aimee: how fun! I loved taking the bus through SF when I went to the zoo. It's a fantastic way to see the city and not get killed by traffic.

Aaron and Ashley said...

Hey Stacie! It sounds like you and Tony had a great time...hopefully you can spend more time together, but looking at all those pictures, it seems to me like he likes you A LOT! I guess all I can say is be patient with him. I did kind of give Aaron a difficult time too before I let him completely into my life. You two are cuter together than you were a year ago, even. It sounds like he just treats you awesome!

devri said...

I couldn't even emagine taking a family of 9 to do all that..

glad to see you had a great time.

I heart that froggy chair..

Beckstead Family said...

Wow! What an amazing New Year, that is awesome! So what is really going on with you and Tony then???

ash and matt said...

I am SO lucky to get to travel to see Matt like I do. It looks like you've been doing some fun traveling with a cute boy yourself! Glad to see you're doing well :-)

Oh, and just FYI--there's a chance I might be coming down to Tucson to watch Matt race... I'll definitely keep you posted on that one!

The Party of Five said...

About your laundry comment...I was never that organized even when I was single.