Thursday, December 18, 2008

Villains, Trombones & the 'Bats!

IF by reading the title of this post, you didnt figure out what I did last weekend, it is this: I went to see the Aquabats in concert at the Marquee Theater in Tempe. Again. I saw them here last Christmas. Saw them this past July at House of Blues in San Diego. You might wonder if I am tired of seeing them? No not really. Their shows are always fun and action packed with a surprise villain or two that come out.

This show I went to I almost didn't go to because I didn't want to spend $27 for a ticket online, or $17 at the door. Instead I had the bright idea to check craigslist where I found someone selling tix for $10/each! I picked them up after work and hooked up me, my friends Justin , Ben &

Saturday the 13th was the concert and we all met at IN N Out to eat first. YUM. David, Ben & Kate their friend were mtg us in a parking lot in Tempe, ended up getting lost, so we waited awhile for them to get there. Below us down at Tempe Town Lake there was a bunch of cool things going on - an outdoor ice skating rink, houseboats and sailboats decorated with Christmas lights as well as a parade. Tempting, but so was getting to the concert.

Finally we met up and dropped them off at the theater because we had to park across the street in the parking garage. THEN I couldnt find my $5 for parking so we drove awhile to find a place that had an ATM. Eventually we made it back about 8:30 and we had missed DJ Lance Rock and Yo Gabba Gabba but we got to see Suburban Legends perform and then of course, the Aquabats!!


Gates & Tausha said...

you went ALL out...great pics...sounds so fun!

Beckstead Family said...

NICE! You always know how to party!