Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanxgiving in Idaho

This year again for Thanksgiving I was so blessed to be able to get an affordable ticket to fly to Idaho to be with my family for the holiday. I was sick though so I didnt get to eat as much on turkey-day as I wanted but all the food was still so good - my mom's homemade rolls, a juicy turkey, my dad's deviled eggs, stuffing, cranberry sauce, carrots & dip, little pickles and homemade pumpkin pie. Ahhh

The biggest news was announced during the meal that my sister Julianne is pregnant. She is due in June and finds out the end of December if she is having a boy or girl . Jeffrey was so funny because he wasnt able to believe it and kept exclaiming "wow" really loud all throughout the rest of the meal.

Julianne and Shawn have a Wii and Evan played the sports A LOT. I played it some finally on Saturday when I was feeling well enough. Here they are doing the DDR.

Evan was hilarious because he did every move with extra strength it seems....LOL

After eating I went to sleep for a few hours becauses I wasnt feeling so well. Later in the night around 7, Tony picked me up and we went to Walmart where I got some medicine, Puffs Kleenx and OJ. We went to what we thought was a dollar theater in Boise but really it was $7 and we saw the new James Bond movie. Came back home around midnight because I knew I'd be up early to shop the next day!!

Matthew & Evan braved the cold morning with me and de-iced Jeffrey's car and we went to Walmart where I got the Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS for $97 and some dvds - Pirates 3, Kung Foo Panda,IronMan and We Are Marshall. SCORE!! Not bad for leaving around 6:30 am.

Went to Circuit City but the DVDs I wanted there and the $9.99 webcam were GONE! Boo....

Went shopping with Tony in the afternoon at the Nampa Mall. We ate at the Mongolian Grill for lunch! And I got to deposit my elections check in a real Bank of the West which was right by the mall. So good bc the Bank of the Wests in Arizona are so far from me. Scored at Steve & Barry's - a store that is closing - I got a pair of bird jeans and a cherry shirt all for $11. Saw at the pet store a bird I wanted so much, a little quaker parrot (below) it was blue and white and $700. Tony had to drag me away. Literally.

Saturday I did some shopping with my brothers in the morning. In the afternoon I helped my dad with some stuff on the computer and met up with Tony. Later that night after Tony had come over for dinner & dessert and we played the Wii with Evan for awhile, we went to Blacklight Mini 3D Golfing. It was so super fun!

Afterwards I met his parents in Nampa - for the first time! They were pretty nice and his dad is funny. Hung out there for awhile and went home afterwards.

Sunday I went to church with my parents in their ward. They had sacrament mtg last so thats the only one I went to. Then Tony's mom had invited me over for lunch so I drove to Nampa and ate with his family , grandma & grandpa and uncle. We drove to Applebee's to meet his sister Trishna, brother and then the other brother who I had already met, Austin, came with his wife & son. That was cool, his siblings are so fun but we had to leave so Tony could catch his ride back to Utah at 4pm.

Sunday evening I watched some movies on the laptop with my brother Evan , talked to Jeffrey and Matthew and Monday woke up early to do more shopping with my brothers at the Emergency Preparedness Store where I stocked up on Medical Supplies, the Boise Mall and Winco! I went to Winco!! Hurried home to finish packing everything , weighed my luggage and got to the airport just in time to have 10 min before they started boarding the plane I was taking off on. Phew!

Landed in Phoenix around 4pm and waited an hour for Linda from my hometown in Woodland to come on her way through from Texas where she had been for the holiday. Talked for a few min and got a quick pic before she had to head towards her gate to fly the rest of the way home.


The Winters Mathis said...

Awww, Stacie! You always have the coolest adventures! Did you ever know Stephanie Halladay? She and her husband live in Nampa and Darin and I were looking at houses in Meridian not too long ago...

Aaron and Ashley said...

Awww. Sweet Tony...and Holy Sweet Thankgiving feast! Love the posts, and all the fun pics too. It is great that you got to fly home to Idaho to see your fam even though it has been insane to fly anywhere these days. :) Happy belated Thanksgiving to ya!
Love Ash

Beckstead Family said...

Winco? That is so awesome! I haven't thought about Winco since the mission... Good times.

~Stappsters~ said...

Love your bloggentry! Glad you're feeling better!