Monday, November 10, 2008

For the Love of Birds!!

Friday was take-your-bird-to-work-day. LOL I love it when that happens. I'm the only one with birds so I chose to bring Rococo & Shanaynae in with me. They totally loved it.

Rococo got to nibble on Tricia's bamboo plant

There's a hummingbird feeder outside this window & the hummingbird would come dance for Rococo & Shay on the opposite side of the screen. Too cute
Tricia wanted to hold one of the cockatiels so after work we went into the back room and she held Shanaynae who fell in love with her dangly heart bracelet.

When I got home after work , I let Shay out in my car to see what she'd do. She tried to walk into the windshield but the glass stopped her. Haha. She was content with exploring and Rococo stayed pretty chill in the cage while she had a little freedom.


~Stappsters~ said...

Very amusing Stacie.

Aaron and Ashley said...

Way cool! That bird is really colorful too!

Beckstead Family said...

That is awesome!

Gates & Tausha said...

you and your birds...i shall NEVER forget!!! :) "read the book of mormon"

devri said...

woa!! that is way cool!! And I love your cherry background.. we must be sistah's.