Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Creation of an Aquabat

It was the night before Halloween and I really HAD to get my costume completed. Yes. Its true. I decided to be an Aquabat for Halloween. One of my favorite bands thanks to Jake S. and Johnny I. I had gone and bought some items for my costume but tonight was the night to finish! However, I had institute. And a house Halloween party that I wanted to go to. Around 10pm finally I made it back to my house and Brennen came over and helped me duct tape my head to make the helmet part of my costume.

Meanwhile, Dil came over and talked to me for awhile as I sat with a swim cap pulled tight on my head to protect my hair from the duct tape. It covered my eyes so I talked to him without seeing him. Kinda weirdie. Then he fell asleep on my beanbags. Haha!!

FINALLY Brennen & I got the helmet looking good. Then we went to play with the birds for a bit. They were being so cute. We sprayed them with water and they got really into it.

All in all it was a successful night. If Brennen hadnt of helped me make the hardest part of my costume, I dont know what I woulda done. Thanks Brennen!
- - - Pics of my super rad costume are posted above! - - -


anoyce said...

Hello! You didn't even put on a picture!! Picture! Picture!

Stacie said...

a picture?? of what?