Monday, September 29, 2008

Way to Go Girl!

Lately quite a few of my friends who are girls! have put in their mission papers and gotten a call to serve somewhere in the world! I just wanted to post them on my blog because I think its an awesome thing they are doing and an incredible sacrifice of their time & money to go serve the Lord and spread His gospel for 18 months!

This is Jessie and I know her from the Davis YSA ward. She left 9.3.08 to serve a mission on TEMPLE SQUARE in SLC UT

This is Kristen Kennedy! We grew up in the same ward pretty much.My sister Laura & her were really good friends. Kristen got her call to serve in Bulgaria! and leaves February 2009!

Hannah Bringhurst was my neighbor around the corner for a long time growing up. I am really good friends with her family. Hannah recently got her call to serve inn Tacoma, WA and reports to the MTC Oct 8 2008 - same day as I went in!!

Emily Depue!! Is currently serving in SLC South Mission. I met and got to know her best at Girls Camp up at Camp Ritchie. She is in the Woodland, CA stake. She left Oct 31st 2007

Debra Cluff was in the Woodland 2nd ward as well, growing up in CA and she got her call to serve in Chile - Vina Del Mar!! Nov 5th 2008 is when she goes into the MTC!

Esther Dahle was in my ward back home for awhile as well and she departs to the MTC Oct 1st 2008 to learn to speak Bulgarian for at least 8 weeks so she can go to Bulgaria - same place as Kristen! Maybe they will be companions! How weird is that...haha
Paige Hansen lived in the Davis/Woodland CA Stake and I know her from going to Girls Camp. She got her call to San Diego CA and left the beginning of August 2007.

And last but not least is my awesome sister Laura aka"Hermana Skinner for a period of 18 months as she serves in SLC , UT (not temple square!) She left November 2007 and will be back about May 2009 I believe.

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Gates & Tausha said...

WWWWOOOOWWWWW----that is a LOT OF sister known by you!!!! go ladies!!! what a memorable experience they'll always treasure. :)