Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sandy Eggo

Friday night headed out with Ben Icely, Dil Brinton and Elisa Leppenan but had to turn around bc Elisa's jeep started having transmission problems and luckily we were only an hour and a half away from Mesa. Decided to leave at 5am Saturday morning instead.

Got to the San Diego temple around 11 or so and had a nice lunch in the cafeteria ( a tasty $3 fat burrito! ) and went thru a session. It was so amazing , after being able to visit this temple a few times I was finally able to do a session and I'm so glad that I could get this goal accomplished!

After going to the temple ,we went and checked into our hotel and ate some lunch at Wendy's. We found a beach in La Jolla to go to and had fun playing in the water, collecting shells and watching the seals & waves. The beach wasnt too crowded. There were even 2 couples there getting engagement pics taken I think!

After playing at the beach til it got dark, we went back to the hotel, went hot-tubbing for awhile and then Ben was tired so he went to bed but me, Dil & Elisa went to Walmart to look for Go Girls (there was none - so sad) and went to Denny's for dinner because we were all pretty hungry.

Sunday morning got up , showered & packed. We had to be out of the hotel by 11am. The continental breakfast was pretty tasty and we headed back to the San Diego temple to hang out and take pics until church started at 1.

look look its another Dil sandwich!

So we went to the biggest YSA ward in San Diego. I ate my leftovers from Denny's in the kitchen before sacrament mtg started. Haha..the sister missionaries were in there and they were pretty nice. Of course , both from Utah. Figures. There were 2 other sets of missionaries in this ward as well.

Sacrament Mtg was good - it was dry..I mean "high council sunday" but this speaker was really animated and maybe borderline irreverant with his talk but it was entertaining. Went to Sunday School and after that we were pretty much through and ready to head out. We stopped at the beach in Oceanside....

I liked this beach in Oceanside TONS better than the one at La Jolla. The water was still cold-ish but not too bad and there was nice playground equipment for the kids and the sand was nice and soft. Ahh I cant wait to go back and visit this beach again sometime. We all just laid on the beach & enjoyed the sound of the ocean and the warm sun.

Ate at In N Out in the Oceanside area as we headed out of town back to Mesa. Got back around 1:30 in the morning but it was totally worth the trip & I'm glad it worked out to go!


Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Wow... Sounds like quite the weekend! You always have such fun times... Good work!

Marietta said...

I miss the beach, but I am glad you all had good time. Hopefully I will be able to go next summer.

Stacie said...

that would be fun Marietta! I am for sure driving to CA a few times next summer. Up to woodland, and then san diego too. I'll keep you posted!