Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2Much Funness

Over the weekend my friend Tony came to visit me from Utah!! He is currently there going to school at BYU and working for the government in SLC. Some of you readers of my blog might remember when Tony and I dated back in 2007. We broke up because I moved to Arizona and in December he moved to Utah to continue school. We have remained good friends despite "breaking up" and trying to move on and date other people. We just havent done a very good job of moving on I guess.
I miss Tony so much and he's been a great friend & help to me with things that happen to me in my life. He took time off work and drove a big Penske truck with all my stuff to Mesa and back. It was his idea to look on craigslist to find people who needed things taken from CA to AZ or visa versa, in order to pay for the trip (gas money). I never would have though of something like that! When I was figuring out details for a rental agreement, he helped me figure out what should be in there so I didn't get screwed. When my roomies were giving me problems, he gave me suggestions on how to deal with them. He explained how credit works & owning a credit card. He is my personal IT guy when my computer has problems. He's always down with doing something new, he doesn't mind shopping, he likes my birds (I think?) he is funny, smart, creative, adventurous and caring. He's the first boy I dated where we were truly boyfriend & girlfriend. He's the first guy I held hands with. The first guy I kissed. He taught me about geocaching. Mountain boarding. Kite surfing. Slack-lining. Things I never heard about before but because he knows about things, he shared them with me! He's patient with me. Doesn't laugh at me or poke fun at me when I say something dumb or act weird. He likes me for who I am and thats important to me.

We did so much cool stuff when he came to Mesa. He met a bunch of my friends at the MCC Institute Opening Social on Friday night. We went to Sonic and hung out for awhile there with Rusty, Dil, Sarah, her boyfriend Nick, and some others from the Gable ward. We watched Oceans 11. He said he would drive my car on Saturday and when I asked why he said, " So I can open your door for you." It was an "aww!" moment. So sweet. We went tubing down the salt river with Kapri, Lydia and Dil. We ate a late lunch at Subway, hit up the 50% off sale at the Goodwill on Val Vista and Southern. He helped me fix the cracked board on my futon by buying some wood glue and we put in some screws too and now its brand new!! He helped me clean out my car that had a bunch of empty water bottles under the seats and papers. He looked at my computer and did some things to make it go faster as well as download the scriptures, hymns, a few Ensign issues for my Dell Axim(palm pilot) because somehow those things got deleted off and it was taking me a long time to get them back on. We made angel food cake. We ate at Fuddruckers by Superstition Springs mall where we walked around and went to a few stores and he bought us ice cream cones BEFORE dinner. Haha.
Sunday he came with me to the family ward because my records were being read in there. Then I dropped him off to his friend Cameron so they could head back to Utah. It was a short time that he was here but we packed a lot in!
Now all my guy friends in Arizona reading this, dont be upset because I'm not writing a tribute blog to you. I'm so grateful for all my friends everywhere! In AZ esp I happen to have way more guy-friends than friends that are girls. Somehow its just worked out that way.
Nobody is perfect, and Tony has his faults. We all do. Big or small. But I love him for who he his and the good choices he decides to make.
I dont know what will happen with us in the future but I know I am so eternally grateful to have met him and to have learned so much from what he has to offer.


Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Wow! Sounds like a really great guy... Hopefully things work out the best for the both of you...

Beagle Buds said...

Nice to have supportive friends like that.

Beagle Buds said...
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big_smartmouth said...

and why aren't you two together?? and don't tell me it's because of the distance. i married a guy from the ukraine!!

AAAand1OnTheWay said...

Hey girly! That is a sweet blog you have! I am new to the blog thingy, so I finally customized my page. I guess you and Tony are having a hard time movin on eh? It sounds like he helped you out more than I gave him credit for. :) Maybe it will work out between the two of you.

Love Ya!