Saturday, July 5, 2008

Life of a Traveling Chick

I wanted to go to Vegas to visit my friend Emily and see my friend Tony so the night before I leave, my friend Kyle say that he and his sister Courtney will ride with me. Hooray! I was glad , even though it was only 5-1/2 hrs to get to Vegas it was nice to share the ride with friends. I rented a car through priceline, only $50 for 3 days and we left Friday after work and got there Friday evening around 9:30 or 10pm. First we stopped in Henderson at a house party that Emily was going to. However, when we got there and got inside she was no where to be found. There werent a lot of people there at the house and I texted Emily who soon showed up. We hung out for a few minutes chatting, then I drove into Vegas to meet Tony at the Fredrick's hotel. Kyle and Courtney used the car for the weekend and I had the fun joyness of riding around on the back of Tony's motorcycle. We stayed up all night pretty much doing fun stuff and on Saturday we had to go to a mtg. on the other end of the strip about time-shares and they tried to sell us one. We had to do this bc of the deal Tony got on his hotel, it was part of the "package". This mtg made me late for my friend Andre Williams' wedding AND I missed meeting American Idol judge Randy Jackson who was there at the same chapel Andre was, for his brother's wedding. We were stuck in some crazy traffic and Andre and Andrea's wedding only lasted 30 min. I got there about 12:40 - in time for pictures and in time to have just missed meeting Mr. Jackson. GRR!!

We followed the limo (which I did get invited to ride in but I just rode on the motorcycle instead) to the Stratosphere for lunch, where Tony & I shared a salad because it was dang expensive. I didn't think the service was that great either but it was cool to stand on the floor and see Vegas rotating beneath us. I got some cool pics and it was fun to spend time with the Williams' and their extended family and friends.

Tony & I left after a couple hours and we went to get gas and met up with Bishop Nance, his fiance, and his daughters Leah and Natalie as well as Emily Valentine at Ceaser's Palace. We all went to F.A.O. Schwartz and had some fun times there until people had to go their seperate ways. Went back to the hotel and went swimming because it was flippin' hot outside. We were the only ones in the pool so that was nice. We went to eat a buffet dinner at the Stratosphere because we had two tickets to do that. The food was SO good but we both felt kind of sick afterwards ( I knew I would ) because we had only about 30 min to eat until they closed for the night. Oops. Next time we will get there earlier!

Sunday Tony decided to stay at the hotel to watch a soccer game (boo to him missing church!) and so Kyle, Courtney and I went to Emily's ward for sacrament mtg. I forgot my Sunday shoes! so I wore my blue etnies sandals. I was embarassed but hopefully nobody noticed. Sacrament mtg. was good and Emily gave us a tour of her cool church building afterwards. I met up with Tony again and while we were watching the highlights from the soccer game at the hotel , a cop-lady walked up to me and asked to see my I.D. What!! So I showed it to her (luckily I had it on me & it wasnt up in the hotel room!) and she scanned it for a long time with her flashlight until she gave it back to me. Phew. I was legal! I didnt even think we were sitting in a bar area!

We walked around Fremont Street for a little while and got fried oreoes to try - 3 for $1!! So good but I could feel my arteries clogging as I ate. Haha. We got some Subway for lunch and them Tony took me back to Emily's where I met up with Kyle and Courtney again and Tony left to ride his bike back to Utah and the 3 of us headed back to Arizona. All in all it was a great trip and it was awesome to see Tony and Emily again and hang out on the strip.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun time. Next road trip-come visit me!

Gates & Tausha said...

i love all your trips and people you know from everywhere!!! great pics!!

Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Sounds like a blast! You always have great road trips!