Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Aquabats & San Diego

One of my favorite live bands EVER - the Aquabats! Were coming to House of Blues in San Diego on Friday the 25th. San Diego is about 5 hours from me and so I decided to take a little road trip there for the show. Everything actually fell into place really well. I posted on craigslist to see if anyone else needed a ride down there, a few people messaged me. In the end I took a husband & wife who didnt speak hardly any English so they were pretty quiet the whole way and at the end of the trip, tipped me for my safe (?) driving. I dropped them off at a relatives house and made my way to the airport which was only 4 miles away! Nice! Picked up my friend Dil Brinton who lives in AZ but has been in Idaho visiting family the last couple weeks. After picking him up - the airport was right by the water! Tricky & hidden but it was a pretty cool place to have an airport. We made our way to the venue which was also only a few miles away from the airport. Looked around for parking $20 GULP and went a few blocks further and found $10 parking. PHEW! Doors opened at 7, we got our tickets with no problems, it was a sold out show! Yeah!!

MC Lars opened for the Aquabats and did awesome! I love his songs & he always puts on a good show. He has a new cd coming out this fall so that is exciting!

Next the Aquabats came out and first showed some of their new tv show which was really good & I laughed a lot. Then they performed tons of good songs - "Pool Party" , "Pizza Day" , "Captain Hampton" , "Super Rad" , "Lovers of Loving Love", just to name a few. Some didnt sound so familiar to me so it was cool to hear some new stuff (to me anyways). I yelled a lot and took tons of pictures.

The villian that comes out on every show ( a diff one every time ) this time was a GIANT TORTILLA!!! LOL It looked soo funny to me and realistic too. In the end he turned into a pile of tortilla chips! We beat the villian!

Left the venue around 11:30, so many people were out walking around on the streets, partly because Comic Con was in town + there were clubs and other concerts going on. We went to In N Out to eat and celebrate going to such a rockin' show.

Went to Santee, about 30 min away to stay at a house that my friend Adam from Utah was staying at. He was in town for Comic Con <-- big comic convention, with a couple of his friends. It was crowded but Dil & I got to stay at the house he was staying at - so nice of him to ask his friends ((the Moore's)) if we could stay there too. It worked out really well. They were a nice family!

The next morning we all got up and went our separate ways. I wasnt feeling so well, it hurt to swallow :( Dil and I went to the San Diego temple, about 14 miles from Santee and we were going to do a session BUT I grabbed an expired recommend instead of my new one - oops! - 3rd time is NOT a charm. I was soo disappointed not to be able to go in again! and I felt bad because Dil was all ready to go in too but its probably for the best it worked out like that because I was really not feeling so good. Instead we sat outside for a couple hours and just hung out, talked, watched people, took pics. The weather was perfect.

Before going to lunch we stopped at Walmart so I could get some Dayquil (nasty nasty tasting stuff) and we ate at Rubio's Mexican Grill. I got tacos and rice. They were pretty yummy! Darn I should have taken a picture...

I wanted to go to the beach so bad so we went to Oceanside, about 40'ish minutes away and found a little beach to go to there. The water was SO warm. Spent awhile driving around trying to find a bathroom and place to change but the gas stations had no public restrooms (probably smart of them) so we just changed out of our Sunday clothes in the car. Separately! Haha. Spent a couple hours at the ocean. I mainly just took pics and got in the water almost to my waist but not quite. If I had been in my suit I TOTALLY would have gone in all the way. I have never felt such warm ocean water.

Around 5 we left and debated on whether or not to stay 1 more night but in the end we decided to come home and it was good we did bc on the way back to Arizona I started feeling worse. Blah. All in all it was a great trip and I cant wait to do it again sometime soon!


Min and Mary said...

aren't you glad you're single!? I pine for the days of spontaneity once again!

Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

What an awesome trip! Such good times to be able to just go on fun and WILD adventures!

Gates & Tausha said...

mmmmm LOVE the cali picks!!! my heart yearns for it!!! ahhhh!!! how fun!