Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Texas Weddingness

May 23rd I found myself sitting in the Phoenix airport, on the way to Dallas, TX for my brother James' wedding. My good friend & neighbor , Rusty, picked me up and dropped me off at the airport. I surfed the net and waited for my flight which left a little after 5pm. I landed in Dallas around 10pm I think (there is a 2 hour time difference). I found my brother , and my luggage (thank goodness) and we went outside to find the car. The instant I left the airport I was hit with a thick wall of humidity. It wasnt long before I took off my jacket and the AC in James' car was not working so we had the windows rolled down all the way to the Holiday Inn Express.

cool soap/shampoo things in the bathroom - - - - - - - the rooms were pretty sweet too

We checked in , found our rooms and while James went to bed, I had access to more free wireless internet :-) I talked to a couple friends on the phone and surfed the 'net until my family arrived around midnight I think.
We all got up Saturday morning early to be at the Dallas Temple around 8:30 so my brother could get ready with Tara by 9am. The wedding was at 10. It was so humid again outside and inside the temple was cooler, but then started to feel humid inside too! AGH! You couldn't escape!

waiting outside with my brothers Evan (11) and Matthew (16)

Escaping from temple humidity to the humidity outside!

Julianne & Allison piling on poor Evan

nice , calm, Skinner sisters (minus Laura)

and then sometimes we get wild and crazy & try to take jumping pictures!

After the temple wedding and pictures were over, we drove about 40 minutes to Tara's aunt and uncle's house to eat and get to know her family better. We sat outside, much to my dismay but fortunately there were a couple large fans trying to blow cooler air in the direction of where people were sitting. There were a few more pictures taken, food eaten and James & Tara also cut their cake and opened some cards.

where some people sat to eat - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Evan is waiting for the food

James & Tara cutting the cake - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - opening some cards

After James and Tara drove away leaving the party people at the reception behind, my family figured it was time to leave too. Tara's family was pretty nice and everything but now it was just pure family time! Yeah! Funny how I never got this excited about spending time with my family growing up. Haha. So we were going to order food but it was getting too expensive with all the extra fees so we went to Fuddruckers and ate!

Evan sat on the floor of the rental van on the way home because it only was supposed to seat 7 people but there were eight of us.

Around 10pm we went to swim in the pool for about an hour. The water was really nice. Evan got some swim lesson help from Allison.

I sat and watched them and talked to my friend Kokob for about an hour.

Evan, Jeffrey , ME and Matthew

Sunday morning we packed up and got ready to leave. My parents dropped me off at the airport because my flight left before theirs did. Unfortunately I had no free wireless internet this time so I listened to my Zune instead. Made it back to Phoenix around noon and Rusty picked me up about 12:30 or so and then we went to church.
Even though I had to change my fun holiday plans in Portland to go to Dallas instead for James' wedding, I'm glad I was able to go and support him in that and to see my family and hang out with my siblings for a couple days.


khoggie said...

fun time with the family!

Gates & Tausha said...

love all the pics....and the sWimMing! FUN!!!

Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

That's awesome... Weddings, families, traveling... it's all a blast!