Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Arizona Peeps

When I moved to Arizona in September 2007 I was not really wanted to make a ton of new friends. I had all my CA people and I had a busy enough time already trying to keep up and stay in contact with them all. But of course, I ended up meeting all kinds of people thru church, work, activities and friends of friends. So for all those who read my blog who dont live in Arizona, here are some of the friends I have made since moving here...

** DISCLAIMER ** If you are an AZ friend of mine and you are not on here, please send me a request and I can fix that. This page is pretty much always under construction. People like Tim and Scott and Edmund - you all dont have facebook so unless you send me a pic or get a page I cant add you!

Dil- met him at Institute. He works on AC units & is one of the first people I met when I moved is full of fun & crazy ideas. He has helped me fix my car for road trips & also fixed my brakes.

Sean! Lives at the man cave. Likes to work out and eat cake. We've gone on a few dates.

Alex - Likes comics,writes comics and lives at the man cave

Bonnie!! Is Hillary's sister. She likes cherry stuff just like me :-)

Kapri -In the Gable Ward too
We've gone on some hikes together

Melissa- met her thru an old roomie, Michelle. She is hilarious and we go to ysa activities & hang out random and go to eat


We both go to the Gable Ward. She always meets my guy friends when they come into town. We have worked at the elections dept together

Met at YSA 24+ institute
We went to the Aquabats concert
He helped me move

Ben & Hillary!

Met them when I moved to AZ.Ben lives at the man cave for a couple more weeks! Both are so so so fun to hang out with

Michael Peterson - met him on Facebook before I even moved to AZ! We go to the Gable Ward.He likes the Suns. I like the Kings. Enough said

Daniel - lives at the "man cave" .We served in the same mission. He's an Aquabats fan too!

Mike Brady aka Brady

Lives at the "man cave". We also served in the same mission. We like the Aquabats and hiking to the bat cave

Tausha & her husband Gates

Tausha was my trainer in the OPM! She has always lived here in AZ. We get together every other month to see each other and have some crazy adventures!


Met her thru Melissa & Michelle. We went to a Diamondbacks Game together. She comes to Wii night. So fun to chill with - she is!

Rusty - turns out he lived down the street from me since October and I had no idea! Met him thru our friend Dil at a pool party. Fun times hanging out a

Daniel we served in the same mission and go to the same singles ward! We've been out on a date once

You could be here!

You could be here!


Gates & Tausha said...

what a FUN idea for a post stacie! i love it...thx for making me feel special! it's that time again to hang glad you've made such good az friends!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This was fun to look at! However, your CA/UT friends miss you!

Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

That's cool you have so many good friends (and their picture) in Arizona!