Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tonto's Natural Bridge Hike

May 17th I went with a group of friends to Payson, which is about two hours from me, and we hiked around Tonto's Natural Bridge. I rode with a girl Sarah, and my friends Dil and Rusty. Benjamin who is in the singles ward drove Kapri and John and our friend Nathan met us there. My group stopped at Arbys for some food fuel and then we met up with everyone in our group.

under the bridge - looking out.... hiking along....

The hike was not so hard, I didnt wear the best shoes and there were quite a lot of rocks to climb over and around. The weather was pretty much perfect and I cooled off a some in a little waterfall.

This first picture is after hiking out from the cave/bridge area and the 2nd pic is of me standing way far above and zooming in at the rocks and water below. We all just hung out for awhile and was so peaceful and green.

Checked out the gift shop where we found cool animals on the wall like the javelina you see above and there were also lots of signs at the hike saying "do not throw rocks" and there was even one on the door to the gift shop , haha!

Next we headed over to a small restaurant where people ordered food. I just got a root beer float and we made fun of the name and their hours. They closed at 4pm I think...they probably dont stay open late in case "naughty" things were going to happen here. Just kidding!

We werent ready to leave Payson yet so Dil, Rusty, Sarah and I checked out some sweet antique stores for awhile and found many amazing things ...

this baby doll was attacking me!! my family had an exercise machine like this when I was young!

sweet helmet and a friendly drink..LOL

sliced bread anyone?


Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Looks like a pretty sweet hike and a good time!

Gates & Tausha said...

i wanna go!!!! how FUN! love hikes...outdoors...crazy bread machines. :)