Monday, April 7, 2008

Hi-Ho,Hi-Ho, its off to conference I go!

I thought these signs were so dumb but I got a pic just to document...

So on Wednesday night, the 2nd, my friends Scott, Hilary and Candace drove to Utah. We took turns and drove all thru the night. My friend Nate Condor from the Oregon Portland Mission wanted us to stop by on our way so we did and it was soo nice of him because he cooked us up some breakfast burritos and we were at his apartment a little while to eat and rest.
A few hours later I dropped off Hilary and Candace in Cedar City area and Scott at his brother's place in Provo. Then I drove to Salt Lake to pick up Tony. We hung out and went to the DMV, the bank, looked into renting a dune buggy or 4-wheelers for the day, drove out to Cedar City to figure out what to do about his car that had broken down there. We went to DI where I bought a cool pair of shoes!! and a place called Macey's that is like Food4Less. So cool. Played in the snow and in the evening we watched August Rush and made dinner.

hilary, scott, me & candace me & nate!

in the snow with no shoes! & tony in the snow

cool frozen waterfall..and one that wasnt frozen

The trail was closed but I got a good pic of me being a Mormon nun..haha jk

Friday after spending most of the day fixing Tony's car problems and being on the phone with AAA & finally getting his car towed somewhere , we went to the Provo temple and got some Italian Ice at Tomasso's in Provo. We got food and made dinner while playing the Wii.

Later in the night I met up with Carissa & Michael and Nicole & Ben. I grew up with Carissa & Nicole..our dad's worked next to each other and we did home school stuff together and hung out. Good times & memories :) We ate at this cool place called Sub Zero which has liquid nitrogen ice cream. It was amazing. I got strawberry-cherry-vanilla with marshmallows mixed in. If you are ever in Provo, you should def. go here.

Nicole & Ben, Carissa & Michael, Me & Tony

Saturday morning!! Finally it was time for conference wknd to really start. Allison, Jeffrey & I watch the first session in the North Temple Visitor's center in the theater there. It was warm - almost too warm - and comfortable. When it got out we quickly went to the reflection pool to wait for Laura , aka "Hermana Skinner" right now!

I ended up seeing Elder Dimter first...his family was in my ward growing up

Hermana Skinner, Me , Allison & Jeffrey - we found her!!

Then across the street in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on the 9th floor, I caught the end of Alex Boye's performance...then Kenneth Cope performed as well.

He remembered me from Mesa! Yay!!

I had tickets to the Saturday & Sunday afternoon sessions. Sat. PM was great - I was on the lower level! My first time being so down low & close! It was great.

Went to eat afterwards & Jared Harding from the OPM came!!

Sunday morning - sat in the tabernacle with Hilary & Scott & Tony

Sunday afternoon before Jeffrey & Allison left

Sunday morning was special because I was able to pick up Hermana Laura Skinner in West Valley with her companion & 2 other Spanish sisters and take them to temple square. It was great! I miss her so much and it was unbelievable that her mission president gave her permission to call me as well as let me take them to conference! I will thank him forever. It was great to have some extra time to talk and catch up face to face.

Sunday afternoon I had 2 more tickets to a session so my friend Jake who i met on a couple years ago and now he lives in Utah, came with me. He is totally cool and he wanted to meet up with Laura too so we did that! Then I took all the spanish sisters back to West Valley and said my goodbyes to Laura...that is...until October conference ;-)


Kris10 said...

The "free hug" sign is an occurance at BYU as makes my heart happy!

Gates & Tausha said...

you should maybe get into photography...some pretty nice pics! :) LOVE the conference update...