Saturday, February 9, 2008

Vegas or Bust!

After witnessing a crazy car accident happen on my way out of town, I picked up my friend Krystal last Friday (2/1) and taking a "detour" the GPS showed me when I missed my exit,which turned us onto a gravel road for about 6 miles with large puddles of water that threatened to snatch my car, with no cell reception or street lights, we finally made it to Las Vegas, NV about 1:30 PST.
Got to drive right thru Hoover Dam! SO COOL. Seriously it was amazing. I wish I had gone thru during the day, the pics Krystal took didnt turn out so well. So here are a couple from pro's:

It was about a 5 hour drive to our destination and I drove the whole way. Arrived at my friend Emily's place and stayed up for a bit talking, then went to sleep.
Saturday morning we went to her aunt and uncle's house and watched the broadcast of Pres Hinckley's funeral. That went from 10-12'ish, it was really really good. Ate guacamole that Emily's roomie Danielle made, as well as some oreos with milk.
Emily had a baby shower to go to so Krystal and I took off to meet up with my friend Kokob and her sister who had come from CA to visit their cousin. Kokob is so awesome and planned to come the same weekend I was coming so that we could meet up.

Cool exhibits in Mandalay Bay for the Chinese New Year

Standing with Kokob, then Krystal, under the stained glass flower ceiling!

Krystal got a strawberries & chcolate crepe which she shared with me - SUPER GOOD! - Kokob & her sis got some Italian Ice Cream, then we walked to the Bellagio and took some pics...

Then we met up , after getting so lost! in Ceaser's Palace...

Mesa Grill! Kinda cool cuz I live in Mesa pic:crazy room w/lots of tv screens!

@ The Cheesecake Factory with Emily & her friends.

I had never eaten here before but it was really good. Krystal & I shared a plate of food, Kenny ordered nachos and we got free bread so I could barely finish the food I had actually ordered. Then Taylor (sitting next to Krystal) ordered cheesecake and shared it with us and boy I was so stuffed by the time we left.

To work off some food we went to FAO Schwartz:

sweet cherry kitchen!!

I wanted this owl too

Then we went outside to watch the lights and water show at the Bellagio. Krystal wanted to go the M&M Store so we walked down there and Emily waited by the water for a couple of her friends to show up. We got back and met up in a mall across the street from the Bellagio and then walked out & watched a few shows that happened every fifteen minutes. Randomly a guy in his 20's probably, jumped in the pool of water and started swimming. It was so cold outside ! He had it planned though bc after his adventure, his friends handed him a towel. I do have a pic of him in the water but I didnt post it here.

pic on left with the bldg on the left is the city within a city that is being built and will be finished in 2009

Sunday we slept in , went to church in Emily's ward at 1. Her ward is so small compared to what I am used to but she had a pretty cool bishop and his wife was SO NICE. After Sacrament Mtg Krystal & I met up with Kokob one last time before we headed out that night. I last saw her in December and we talk pretty often, either online or on the phone, so it was great to just see her and catch up a bit. I felt like I had seen her recently!

Emily's aunt & uncle had us over for a great dinner at their house before we headed back to Arizona. We left around 6:30pm and got back to Mesa (with the 1 hr time change) around 10:30. Driving home was crazy because we encountered some wind, lots of rain- heavy at times - , lightening, hail and snow flurries! Certainly kept the ride exciting and me gripping the wheel at times.
I'm so glad I got to go see Emily in Vegas and meet her friends and ward. It was really nice to meet up with Kokob & her sister too and spend some time with them. I am so happy it worked out for Krystal to ride there with me and that she had an enjoyable time. I'm way glad that my car made it there and back. Cant wait to go again to visit!


Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Looks like a blast! Good times, good food, and good friends - what more do you need I ask you???

Gates & Tausha said...

AWESOME VEG-Y TIMES!!! (as in vegas, not veggies...but i'm all for veggies too!)...i loved the re-cap...we got lost in caesar's palace too the last time we went! (seriously...i think the workers mess with ya too when you ask how to get out)..ahhaha...and the WATER show...classic...that was gates's fave...the food sounded GREAT and friends and FUN!! me lovey. the dam is also cool...VERY neat. you know there's a bomb in the cement though right? ready to go off at who knows when? jk. but i always hear rumors of whats buried in the cement. :)

burgundymarlow said...

Did you gamble?

You always look happy in your photos, I love looking at them.

You rock!

Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

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