Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Its A Tony Weekend!

So my friend Tony came to visit me here in Arizona, Feb 15-19th. He is currently going to BYU in Provo. We dated when we were both in Cali, last summer 2007. We are still good friends even though we are not dating at the moment and he came out for a visit.

Friday night I picked him up, his flight was over an hour late! So that was sad, but we went to my friend Sarah's house to borrow a couple movies which we watched til almost 5 in the AM!

Saturday we got up around 10 and got ready for the day which started with going to see Step Up 2 - great movie! - love the dancing - then we ate @ Barro's Pizza. Very delish, its one of my favorite pizza places here now. Tony had some coupons for Costco so we went there next and got a roast chicken, a box of big muffins, 24 pack of water and something else I forget...all for under $5. It was amazing. And he let me buy gas with his Costco discount so it was $2.67/gal. My stomach was hurting in the afternoon for no reason really that I could think of so we just watched Holes and in the evening went out to find the Tempe Square Marketplace which was hard to get to but finally we made it there just on time to hear one of my favorite local bands, Regular Heroes, perform for 15 minutes in a battle-of-the-bands contest that was going on.

- Jared - lead singer - Kit - from the mish! -

Kit Merkley, from my mission, is in this band and that is how i know about it. They are good and I have seen them perform 3 times now. So we watched that and I said "hi" to Kit afterwards and introduced him to Tony, then we took off to get food before going to see Jesterz perform at 10pm. Ate 4 Arby's sandwiches for $5, then got our tickets for this clean comedy club performance. I was so sleepy though and it was hard to stay awake, which was disappointing, because the show was pretty funny. Tony enjoyed it though so that was good.

Sunday we slept in since we had been out late and also watched "States of Grace". Made some lunch, then headed to the singles ward at ward conference at 1:30. It was good, and the last meeting was combined. We stayed for all 3+ hours. It was mix and mingle afterwards with Ned's Crazy Sub sandwiches, and someone in the stake presidency started speaking again for another 40 minutes. I was so ready to go and wish I had just grabbed a sandwich and taken off. Tony was a good sport though, and we left a bit after 5. Came back to the house and tried to plan out our trip better to see the Grand Canyon but in the end decided we should go in the summer when it was warmer and we could plan more details.

Monday was another busy day - Tony's last day here in Mesa.My friend Sarah came over Monday morning - we didn't have to work because it was a holiday! - and her brother Zack mowed the weeds in my front lawn...then Tony & I took off to the Arizona Science Center in

- cool dancing sand stuff - Tony trying to figure out the pieces he needs -

- I found where I lived on the huge wall map - Tony finished his picture! -

Phoenix where we spent the afternoon. It was crowded but we managed to do a lot of the projects they had going on. We even got to see an IMax movie 3D about underwater sea creatures . Checked out the store afterwards and it reminded me a lot of going to the Exploratorium in Davis with my family a long time ago. Ahh good memories. We left about 5 and went to Lo Lo's which is a chicken & waffle place (interesting combo - I had never heard of such a thing) but it was closed! Sad day.

I wasnt sad for long though because we ended up eating at Sweet Tomatoes! One of my most favorite places to eat and I hadnt been there since I moved here last September. Yum and joyness. I made a big salad and also had some pizza/breadsticks and a baked potato and ice cream.
We went to the Arizona Mills Mall for awhile and walked around and Tony got some clothes on sale & I got a shirt. Came home...watched another movie but fell asleep early so that I could get Tony to the airport by 5'ish because his flight left at 6:15. So early!

Tony found this cool soccer chair at the mall

All in all it was a great weekend and it was so cool to see him again and fun to do so many things in and around Mesa.


burgundymarlow said...

Pictures of you eating always crack me up. You look so happy, scary happy to be eating.

You're awesome. The guy is a cutie, good taste. : )

Gates & Tausha said...

how FU-UN!!! you did SO many fun things in in SUCH A short time!!! ah I love. :) glad you got to see tony...think anything futuristic with him?