Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gettin' Yourself Up-To-Date

Okay its almost the end of the month and the last time I wrote , it was about Christmas!? Holy cow. Its time for an update! Here's what I've been doin this month of January...thank goodness I use the calender on my cell phone. My mind has been refreshed :

11th - Tausha , my trainer from the mish, came over and we went to a random wedding reception and ate some free food, made Donuts & I watched Goonies for the first time! She brought her little dog, Bugs, who was so funny and I kept laughing really loud, but inside of me only, however small laughs did manage to escape. Bugs was so funny , running all over the place, saw my birds and started jumping around their cage, trying to bark but being unable to and Tausha's embarrassment at being a dog lady or something. It was quite a fun night. Ps I stole these pics from her blog:

cool stars hangin' from the @ the reception....making donuts @ my house!

15th - I got laid off from my job at Battery Solutions, Inc. Its all good though, only because I hated what I did there pretty much and it was a dead end job to me. I did like the people I worked with, and finding cool electronics that I got to keep while sorting batteries for hours every day kept me on my toes. It is bad that job ended only because I had nothing else to go to. Or so I thought.

22nd - I got a job working for the Maricopa County Elections Dept. WOoHOo! In California, the lady in charge was in my ward, Linda, and she always hired me from when I was 12 til I moved here to Az at the age of 25, to be a helper during election time. My dad would be a driver sometimes and I would ride along and help him deliver voting equipment to the polling places. It was okay money and I enjoyed doing it so when I moved here to Mesa in September, I emailed Sue who is in charge of elections and she told me to email her in January, which I did, and landed myself and my friend Sarah, a job working in that dept! Its way different here though than in CA.

For one, Yolo County elections took 3 days. Even during a big one. Sunday afternoon - load up, Monday - deliver, Wednesday, pick up. However, Maricopa County is the 3rd largest in the US so it takes 3 weeks to do a small election. 4-5 days to get the routes put together & organized in the warehouse. Next week, deliveries. There are about 10 drivers and we all pretty much have 8 stops a day to schools, churches, rec centers,etc. The last week of the job we pick everything up. In our "free" time or for overtime pay we get to do fun fun data entry. It really is not so bad. On Feb 5th we work 4pm to whenever, and we each have a van and will drive the ballots along with a few other things, back to the warehouse. I have never done that before! So I am excited. The pay is not so great for being a helper, but I feel blessed that the job with batteries ended in time for me to do this elections job. However, after Feb 15th...I gotta find something else. I'm working on that now of course but nothing has panned out yet.

17th - Institute Opening Social! Yay! Institute was on break for like a month so I'm glad its back now, I will get fed every Thursday! Just kidding, I dont go just to eat the food. Went to a job interview with ServiceMasters. Met Joe face to face for the first time because he works there. We met online before I moved out to Mesa and I had just msged him to see if he knew anyone hiring and his company was so I went in to fill out a resume, and I have been on 2 interviews there. He came to institute that night and so did my friend David and Jesterz (a comedy group) came and performed.

19th-20th - Stake Conference wknd for the Singles Ward. The 19th my friend Alan set me up on a date with his friend Charles and Sarah wanted to go too so Charles had his friend Steve come and we played pool, went to eat pizza, went to see the Batmobile and watched Hitch at Sarah's house , then played the Wii til at least 1:30 in the AM. It was fun. Charles was hot - model hot - too good looking for me to ever date seriously, but I had fun. Sarah & Steve hit it off really well too.

Sunday I spoke in the family ward on how obedience & reading the scriptures can help us become pure. I haven't spoken for about 2 years in church, but I guess I did good. I wasn't even very nervous which is weird but I know I had a lot of ppl praying I would do well. Lots of people came up and complimented me about my talk after church so that made me feel good. I hope I dont have to speak again for a long time though. I also got called to be on the activities committee for the family ward. Yay! I am so excited about that.

26th - went on a hike with the Gable YSA ward to "A Mountain" by the Sun Devils Stadium in Tempe. About 12 people or so went and it was good however I felt sick by the time I reached the top because I think I got a bit dehydrated and we hiked up really fast. It wasnt a very long or hard hike though Took some pics at the top and then came down and ate Ned's Crazy Subs for lunch.

This weekend was stake conference for the family ward so I went to an hour of the adult session in the evening and then again from 10-12 on Sunday. Worked out nice because then I got to go to the ysa ward at 1:30. Had an activities committee mtg at 5pm til almost 6:30 and then a fireside at 8pm! It was really good , not all about marriage like the usually are. Partway through that fireside, I got happened to look at my phone and saw I had received 4 texts! I thought that was strange so when I checked them, they were from friends and/or family saying that the prophet of my church, Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley, had passed away that evening around 7pm.

I was really surprised and sad but also not, because he was 97 years old and had lived a long time plus I was happy he could finally rest and be with his wife again. The closing hymn got changed to,"We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet" and of course everyone was emotional. I was not so much, just because I'm not a girl who cries about stuff , but Im a chick and I handle myself better than that. Hopefully none of my friends who are 'girls' took offense to this comment!

28th - I skipped out on FHE and went to scrapbook with my scrapbook friends from It was so fun to see them again and meet some new people. I worked on a calender for my sister who is on a mission, finished 1 regular page and worked on another one. This is the least amount of pages I have gotten accomplished ever! Usually I just crank 'em out...better luck next time

30th - Laura left the MTC today! I am so excited to hear from her when she writes or emails and finds out what her first area is. She is speaking Spanish in the SLC Mission which also covers some of Nevada and Wyoming.

Coming home from work today Sarah & I were in the carpool lane and towards the right were a bunch of cop cars and I looked and as we passed, they had their guns drawn at a guy who had his back towards them and his hands in the air. He was slowly backing towards them and then one of the cops suddenly had him down on the ground and the officers surrounded the guy. Crazy stuff but it made for an exciting ride. Plus the sunset was pretty.

31st - last day of the month! I cant believe it! Things I am looking forward to in February are:

1-3rd - going to Vegas to visit my friend Emily PLUS Kokob is coming from CA to see me , well, and visit her cousins too ;-)
15th - OneRepublic Concert and the thing I cant wait for the most is that my previous boyfriend, Tony, is coming to visit me again, for 5 whole days and I'm on a countdown I can hardly wait. We are just friends now because we dont want to do long distance...he is at BYU and will be done in a couple years. SO...I dont know what will happen w/us in the future but as for here and now I am way excited to see him again and we have a bunch of fun things planned to do while he is here
22nd - Alex Boye concert!!

Plus whatever other fun crazy things I plan to do...or dont plan and they just happen random. *concerts * road trips * getting my new license plates for my car * celebrating friends birthdays from afar * writing to my sister & sending her packages * making spicy rice skillet on my own for the first time * seeing Tausha in Glendale * and more to be announced in the next blog!


Gates & Tausha said...

Yay for your POST!!!! And yay for *seeing Tausha in Glendale*!!! It was SOO fun to read all your fun events for January..and fun stuff coming UP!!! I am TOTALLY offended about the girl/chick comment too...ahhaha jk...although I think GIRLS scrapbook....not chicks...ahhaha! I almost cried just reading that you sang that song that night. :) funny. Happy las vegas trip...and I am STILL fully impressed that you go to the YSA and Fam holy. :) ah I love ya stacie...SO fun to read!!!! and yay for LAURA!!! mission memories....

Gates & Tausha said...'d you like Jesterz? we've seen 'em a few times...FUN!!! and I'm sad I missed your talk...i bet it was always had such great things to say pertaining to the gospel...and last...what was it?! AH! i'll be right back.

Gates & Tausha said...

oh yah...totally jealous about the OneRepublic concert and the "mountain" hike! 2 things I LOVE!!!! ok...sorry to be a comment hog. :) that's my inner self.

Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Wow Tausha... all your comments scare the rest of us off! Haha, jk. Anyway, looks like a really fun month for you living the life in the big AZ!