Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tagged x 2!

So in my friend Tausha's blog, I was tagged to do this post where I have to divulge 6 little known things about me. goes!

1. I wish I could live in Oregon. Okay, this is probably not a little known fact by those who know me well..but I love the green there, the beach, Mt. Hood, downtown Portland crazy people, the people and investigators I met in all 4 of my areas...and for those who dont know, Dr. Egan in McMinnville is STILL my dentist. He cleaned my teeth while I was there (my last area) and since I go to Oregon about every six months, I just have kept seeing him. So I go to Oregon to visit people and to get my teeth cleaned.

2. I , like Tausha, seem to have a different culture inside of me. Its the gangsta/hip-hop style chick. I love the music (the clean'ish stuff) and want to find a pair of grills to wear on my teeth for fun. I want to get my hair in corn rows and have pimped out rims on my car. I wish I was more coordinated and understood how to dance like in a music video , hip hop style dancing. I envy those that can do all those moves so fast. I also like to be skater, and wish I knew how to skateboard super good enough to get sponsored. Then I could have my own TV show on MTV like Ryan Shecker's "Life of Ryan".

3. I don't like to use straws when I drink soft drinks or water. I think its silly. I just take the lid off and take a big gulp, depending how thirsty I am. I will use a straw for milkshakes or thicker drinks like that, but anything else, even if I am driving! I will take the lid off and drink straight from the cup. And crunch the ice too.

4. I think Apple I-Pods are silly. They are super expensive, everyone has one, you have to have itunes just to put music on the player and once the battery wears out, you have to pay Apple $100 to fix it for you or I guess people just buy a new one. They are slick looking though and come in some cool colors but I like my iRiver because it has a removable battery and I can replace it any time!

5. I am a big fan of Christian music. I think its as good as LDS music. I used to listen to The Fish in CA and haven't really found a station I listen to regularly here yet but some of my favorite artists are Mercy Me, Jars of Clay, Steven Curtis Chapman, Stacie Orrico, Jaci Velasquez, Audio Adreniline, Caedmon's Call, Michael W. Smith and FFH. Some are a little too worldly? sounding but others are great and have a good beat and message to them. I also enjoy listening to Kzion where I can hear music by upcoming LDS artists, EFY music and other well known singers.

6. I prefer to be online chatting with friends or family, working on projects, my website, blog, facebookin' or myspacin' it, reading the news and other interesting articles or doing things by myself or with a few friends rather than working retail or being in a large group of people. However, I do like going to sports events, the fair, black Friday, all things that have a lot of people attending. I don't know why I am like that but sometimes I just want "me" , especially when I get off work and am so tired from standing and sorting batteries all day. I dont want to talk to anyone or do anything except sit and catch up with the things I missed on Facebook during the day or write back to people on email.


Gates & Tausha said...

LOVE it hip hop skater computer lady who lives in Oregon! :) who ARE you?! jk...lets just GO for it...and BE who we really'll be 50 cent, and I'll be a hippie. :) haha

J. said...

Now the World knows all there is to know about you...........or doe's it? I don't know about the corn roles but I like the yo grille girl. It should help crush yo ice. Yo!


Stacie said...

to J - yeah..i dont know if the world knows ALL about me but they know a slice. A home-fry slice :) You dk about the corn rows? fo schizzle. They are the birds chirp. No cats meowing for me!
to Tausha - yay for living me! Idk who I am but i think Im a crazy weird type chick. oh well , as long as I'm happy w/me then its all good in da hood! I am glad hippie and 50cent are friends yo :)