Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kings Game,Thanksgiving & The Aquabats

On November 21st my friend Michael from the Gable YSA ward & I went to a Kings vs Suns game. He obviously is a Suns fan and of course I am loyal to the Kings. We obtained tickets and headed out to the arena in Phoenix. It was an exciting game even though about half way through it was pretty clear that the Suns were going to win this one. I was SO excited to be at a Kings game again though that I didnt really care. It fooled people too that I was wearing my Kings jersey with "Skinner" on the back, and currently Bryan Skinner is on the Suns! It was funny to hear people's comments and kind of sad to be cheering by myself. All in all I feel so blessed to have gotten to go to the game & I cant wait to see them when they come again next year!

The next day was Thanksgiving and early in the morning, the bishop's wife, Sis Terek, came to pick me up and take me to the airport. I arrived in Boise around 10:30 and Jeffrey picked me up. It was SO COLD! It was great to eat Thanksgiving dinner and hang out with my family and see Granny (my mom's mom) . I got to be there in Meridian from Thanksgiving day til Tuesday morning when I flew back to AZ. Some of the fun things I did in Idaho were: eat! , sleep in, shop the black Friday sales, go to DI with my sisters Laura & Allison and try on some fun and crazy clothes, drink cherry hot chocolate at Moxie, go to a nursery with my dad and they had the biggest selection of Christmas ornaments I'd ever seen! , watched some movies, painted my brother Evan's toenails on one foot while he was sleeping, went to the singles ward with Allison & Laura and then to the family ward with..my family! Went on a kind-of-date on Monday with a guy I met on ldslinkup. We went to downtown Boise (BODO) and ate at the Mongolian Grill & went to Urban Outfitters. It was pretty fun. Took my brothers out shopping, then had FHE with my family. BIG thank you to my brother Jeffrey who let me use his car a lot while I was there. It was very helpful or else I dont know how I would have gotten around! I was sad to leave but am planning to go back again next Thanksgiving if not sooner to visit.

Laura & Dad working on the turkey - - Evan with pumpkin pie!

Me & Matthew online!--Dropping Jeff off @ school

Monday morning Laura & I ate at I-Hop - pumpkin pancakes!

December 1st the Aquabats came to the Marquee Theater in Tempe. My friend Melissa & I had seen the movie August Rush (I highly recommend it) in the afternoon and then we went (seperatley) to the concert. I knew quite a few people there! Johnny Icely and Mike Jensen and their dates from Tucson, my friend Russ who I met awhile ago at Institute & he brought his friend Alice. She was pretty cool. I knew Melissa of course, and Daniel Barnett , Mike Brady & his gf, Alex Richardson and Julie Gilberg from my ward and her boyfriend Dallin Higgins. The opening bands were The Stitch Up, Suburban Legends and Streetlight Manifesto. I thought the last 2 bands were good, I have heard of them before. FINALLY @ 10pm the Aquabats came out! And oh boy it was an awesome show...they sang some of my favorites like Pool Party, Pizza Day, Martian Girl, and Captain Hampton. I really missed having my friend Jake and my sister Laura there. I have seen the AB 3 other times and they were with me at all those concerts! Towards the end of the show my friend Russ convinced me to come out to the middle of the floor where it was all crazy so I did and it was really fun. I didnt get pushed around too much. Around midnight the show ended and some of us went to eat at Denney's afterwards.

Johnny Icely & his girl Me & Melissa!! The Aquabats!!
Melissa,Russ,Daniel, Alice & me!


Gates & Tausha said...

HEYeee!!! You're always up to somethin fun!!! LOVE the pics and stories and such! par-TAY!

J. said...

Sacromento is cool, but you must try on the Trailblazers fo a change. Even though the Sac. town is ranked 8th and are 101 to 25. And Portland is 29th and are 94 to 11. But rest asher you are in the land of winers with Phoenix as 1# at 110 to 20. If yo like does numbas then you will like the inmate numbas tha blazas got. Ha ha!! GOOOOOOOO Portland!