Sunday, November 11, 2007

Caving, Concerts, Cooked Pumpkins!

Friday night the 9th of November, I went with my friends Mike Brady, Ben Martin, David, Katie and Selvyn to the Bat Cave up by SuperstitionSprings, about 30-40 min away from Mesa. It didnt take too long to get to our destination, was a 30 min or so hike up to the cave, stepping carefully over rocks of different sizes, watching out for rattlesnakes along the way. We were pretty noisy though so I think they were all scared off.

David and Katie walking ahead of me in the tunnel - - - - - - - Me crazy in the cave!

Mike,Me,David, Ben & Selvyn sitting outside

Inside the cave we didnt see any bats but we saw lots of tea candles and drawings on the walls. The dirt on the ground was very powdery in parts and lots of dust got in the air , esp with 6 people walking in an enclosed space! The cave actually used to be an old mine. We hung out in there at the end of the tunnel for awhile and then it got too hot and it was very humid so we hiked our way out and sat and talked on a huge rock outside the entrance to the cave for awhile. FUN NIGHT!

So I met this guy at Walmart a couple days before Halloween. He was out in the parking lot trying to sell cds. He asks , " Are you into hip-hop music? " and I said "Sure, sometimes. " And so he tries to sell me this cd that his cousin writes the lyrics and he writes the beats, for $5 but I have no money to spend on that sort of thing because I didnt have a job at the time. He asks me if I go to church and I say "Yep, every Sunday!" Turns out he is inactive LDS and we traded numbers. Since that day, we have talked a few times and he wants to get back into church and meet more members. So it was really great he could come on Mike's hike to the Bat Cave. Afterwards just the two of us went to eat at Denney's and had some good gospel and life conversation. He wants to come to church and other activities, so I am working on hooking him up with the info on all that stuff. Pretty cool!

Saturday was a busy day! I slept in some because I didnt get home until about 2:30am from the hike and eating out. I went to scrapbook for my group. It went from 10-4pm but I arrived around noon and stayed til about 2:30. Here are some pages I did, not completely finished, but closer than they have been for awhile! L-R : rappelling at girls camp, Reist family goodbye party, Australian style rappelling, In N Out w/my brother James, sister Laura and friend Eric who was visiting in town from NC!

In the afternoon a girl came by and checked out the room I have for rent. Then I went to Auto Zone and got a filter and oil for my car so my friend David could take care of that for me. It ended up taking a lot longer than we thought, the filter was screwed on super tight, but eventually he got it off and did an awesome job!!

I hurried to Michael's but they had no good scrapbook albums that I liked, then I headed over to a concert at my friend Kit's house. He is in a band called Regular Heroes . I haven't seen Kit since the mission - yep we served in Portland @ the same time!! - so it was cool to see him and the band he is perform. They were REALLY GOOD! I cant wait til their demo cd comes out. I had invited Melissa, Daniel (from my ward) and my friend Russ. Daniel was the only one who came but there were lots of people from everywhere at the concert too!

(Kit is the one wearing the hat and dark blue shirt)

My plans had been to go to Tucson this weekend and hang with one of my good friend Camille. However, we decided to wait, because her roomie Malia, was on a hike and she is part of the Backstreet Boys party that we are going to have to celebrate their new cd that came out at the end of October. I am glad I was here in Mesa for the weekend though to do some crazy fun things with some of my friends here!

Sunday I decided it was time to make what is known as Dinner in a Pumpkin. One of my favorite families back at home in the Woodland 2nd Ward invited my sister and I over a few years ago to eat it with them around Halloween because we had never heard of such a thing! I was very hesitant to try it but after the first few bites I started to like it. Then, it became tradition and every year we knew we were invited over for dinner in a pumpkin. Sadly, this year I moved to Arizona. Their daughter Emily who is my age, moved to Vegas. So they invited my sister Laura over...last time for her too for awhile because she is going to leave to go on her mission at the end of the month! Here are some pics from the funness of my cooking...btw I dont like to cook and avoid it at all costs...but I really wanted this dinner!


Gates & Tausha said...

STACY!! SOOO fun!!! :) VERY cool about meeting that guy, and I'm impressed with your pumpkin skills!! CAVES...nice...there's one out here by the lake (a mine)...sounds similar...remind me to expand on that story sometime...most TERRIFYING story of my life. seriously. :) SO fun! Love the groovy pics! u rock!

Gates & Tausha said... time kit's band plays (should I know this person?), let me know...I'm all about local bands!

Stacie said...

Tausha!! YES YES tell me about the cave mine by a lake sometime! I want to hear! Thanks for commenting on my bloggy-blog :) We need to meet up some time again! I'm going to see Paramore this Thursday @ the Marquee theater in Tempe. Tix are like $20. Should be good -you should come! Go to Kit's band page ( I linked it ) and get on his mailing list. I believe he was in the mission when you were out there..good 'ol Elder Merkley!

J. said...


Sweet pics in the caves. Remineds me of Batman. Did you get scared. I freak out in caves but love them at the same time, is that dumb or what. If you are ever up in Oregon check out this web site.