Monday, October 15, 2007

Tucson Funness

Friday night I drove to Tucson which is a couple hours away from me in Mesa. My friend Camille invited me to come for the weekend which I was more than excited to do because she is way cool and I wanted to do something fun so this was the perfect excuse.

First we went to eat at La Salsa, a yummy Mexican restaurant. Laura was on her way to Jeff & Meggie's wedding reception so I helped her with directions , thanks to our GPS , Lia. Next, Camille and I went to Walmart to get snacks and supplies for the pranks we would pull on 'the boys' (Johnny , Mike and Ryan), the next day. We went to Fry's to get some ice cream, visited the boys upstairs and watched Step Up as we blew up many many large balloons.

Saturday we got Jamba Juice for breakfast and went to 4th street where there are lots of cool stores and places to go. Lots of paintings on the side of buildings which were fun to look at. I saw a poster for a pet rock festival. Another store had a cool dress made out of coke cans, brightly painted wooden birds, and other art by people that you could buy. If I had a job I would have spent some money in there but I had to restrain myself.

Camille and I had a lot of fun taking pictures before going to another part of Tucson that had a big festival going on. There was food from many different parts of the world. I got a chicken kabob for only $2 from Laos. There were people singing, dancing and performing various stunts. We got something written in Chinese. I got my sister one that said "Return with Honor". We could learn how to make pinatas, Ukranian painted eggs or crafts from other countries. We did get some type of henna tattoo which was cool, before walking across the street.

NEXT came the pranking. We had brainstormed and prepared ourselves all night and all day. Johnny & Mike were out, about 45 min away, putting a transmission into a guy's car. Ryan was with Anna in Phoenix. It was perfect. Here is what we did:

Okay, L-R as follows: Camille burning toast. Then we moved the couch into Ryan's room and snuggled in his purple silky blanket for a moment. No time to waste, we filled up the tub with balloons, put saran wrap over the toilet seat and sprayed all available door handles with shaving cream. We put the burnt toast all over the kitchen. On their lampshade. In a phone book, Under the kitchen counter. In the microwave. In a bike helmet. We filled up little dixie cups halfway with water and set them outside their bathroom and bedroom doors. Camille made a cool DVD pyramid then snuck out the window. The job was done!

We met up with Meta, one of Camille's friends and the girl who rode with us to Utah. She is pretty cool. We went to Buffalo Exchange a cool store that has brand-name used items for low prices. I found a pair of Roxy boots I really really wanted for only $17 but again, I have no job, no income, and no real need for a pair of boots right now. It was a sad time.

We picked up Little Ceaser's pizzas next and met up with a few guys at Meta's apartment where we watched The Rise of the Silver Surfer. She invited a guy out walking in the complex to come eat with us. He was friendly and came over for awhile. Everyone invited him to church on Sunday and it was a good missionary opportunity.

That night we watched a movie with the boys upstairs after helping clean up the "love" we had shown to them in their apartment. I ended up staying one more night because I was tired and would rather drive home in the daylight so I left Sunday morning , missing the family ward unfortunately but able to go to the singles ward at 1:30.

It was a crazy fun weekend and I cant wait to hang w/Camille again sometime! Meta too...and maybe Johnny, Mike and Ryan.


Gates & Tausha said...

OK miss STACAY!! LOVE THE BLOG!! :) I love the stories and details and pics...SO FUN! Great to live through your pics of the mission reunion too! Beauty. We'll have to have some AZ fun soon! We could get together any weekend night after 8 (Gates works!)

Gates & Tausha said...

ok so now you have me and food...WHAT story? the one about making a tree from left over grape branches? thats all I can possibly think of...or hm what could it be?! Please do tell. :)