Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Reunion & Conference Weekend

Thursday night at midnight I rode in a car with some crazies to get to Utah for my mission reunion and General Conference. These "crazies" names are Johnny Icely and Daniel Barnett (both from the OPM) Camille and her friend Meta. We drove all night with a few stops for gas and snacks, and made it to SLC about 11 in the AM. We went to Brian Ashdown's house (also from the OPM) and hung out there for a bit, went to eat at Souper Salad and to Sportsmans Warehouse.
(Daniel, Me, Johnny)

Later in the afternoon we drove to Bountiful from where we were staying at in Murray for the mission reunion. I met Katie Harris , a girl that my companion Lindsay Ott taught in Cedar Mill. She got baptized earlier this year. Way fun girl! Pres & Sis Weston spoke and so did the Beans who served for 15 years in the OPM. Wow! Chance Basinger conducted and afterwards we all met in the cultural hall for food and socializing.

( Pres. Weston & I) (Me,Gorman,Embleton,Ott) (Jason Windley & his wife)

(Darl Flake & I) (Casey Davis)

Around 9, people started taking off so Jared Harding and I went to Pei Wei and met up with Davis, Carter, Durr and Munns. Ate and talked there for a bit, then drove to the Red Robin and there were about 4o OPM missionaries there! Stayed for only a few min because Katie needed to be taken back to where she was staying in Fruit Heights and so I rode with her and Daniel to do that.

(above) Me and Trent Hurst (ZL on the mish)
(below, SarahBeth,Elliot & Claire Harwood)

Woke up early Saturday morning, quickly showered, then Laura & I drove to SLC and spent awhile trying to find a place to park. It was crazy! We half walked/ran to the conference center about 5 blocks away and got into a line right at 9:30. A guy came over to us, looked at our tickets, and got us thru the line and security. Wow. What a blessing! I dont know how he picked us out of the thousands of people there because everyone else in line had tickets too! The morning session was wonderful. SO many good talks and hymns.

The pic above is of Rachel , Jake, Laura & I . We all found each other after the morning session. Jake is one of the coolest guys ever. I met him on ldslinkup and he introduced Laura & I to underground bands and we started getting really into it so we'd all go to concerts when the bands came to town. We went to see Scary Kids, Kaddisfly and others perform at Sac State. We road tripped to Pomona CA and SLC Ut to see the Aquabats, went to Warped Tour in Marysville in August, went to see MC Lars and others perform in San Francisco and The City Drive in Sonoma, CA. He does loss prevention at mervyns, writes songs, is scared of cats, and is just hilarious to be around and talk to. So it was super nice to see him again!!

This pic above is of two families that i ran into at the conference center on Saturday afternoon, they are from my first area on the mission, Gresham. The family on the left, the Hurtt family, SO awesome. The Schmidts (right hand side of the pic) were recent converts and very cool. They had a cockatiel and would have us over for dinner. It was crazy random to see them there at the Conference Center but amazingly wonderful too!

Saturday night was Womens Night Out so after going to The London Market and getting some candy and Iron Bru, going to D.I. so I could buy a pair of comfortable shoes, Laura and I went to Deseret Book. There was one that had moved from the inside o the ZCMI mall which they are tearing down, to next door. It was small inside and very crowded. I did see one of my favorite comps from the mission, Tausha Townsend (Stringham) there! Then we found our friend Alice Cluff and went with her, her mom and a friend across the street to the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg where the LDS artists were performing and there was a DB set up on the 9th floor. Was there for awhile then Laura & I drove to Provo to visit one of our best friends, Carissa Familia who recently got married.

Next day we watched the morning session at Brian's house and his mom made us waffles for breakfast and tuna sandwiches for lunch. We headed out about 1pm. Me, back to Arizona. My sister, back to California. Sad day. But it was so cool to see so many of my wonderful friends all gathered together in Utah for conference, reunions, etc.

my sister Laura & I in the conference center

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