Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am speechless, I'm astounded and amazed


October 26th in Phoenix Arizona at the Celebrity Theater, I attended the Steven Curtis Chapman concert. The last time I saw him perform was with my sister Laura in 2001 at UC Davis. Amazingly wonderful show. When I heard he was coming here to AZ I thought, " I must see him again!" So I splurged and bought a ticket the night of the show.

Cool things happened. I almost didnt go because I couldnt find anyone to go with me and I have never gone to a concert alone before. But I made myself go anyways and they were taking cars in on the left and on the right. I was pulled in to go in the left driveway and there was a guy walking around the parking lot who came over to me and said "Do you want to buy this ticket? Its for the front row." I thought "what?!" and told him that I was only planning on purchasing a $20 ticket because I didnt have a job right now and he said "I'll sell it to you for $20 then." WOW. So I parked, paid him, worried for a second if it was a fake ticket (but it wasnt) and got in line to go inside. He was right. I was front front front row! I have never sat so close at a concert before. I sat next to his kids, Chelsea who is 21 and Brennan who is 18 I think. They were very nice and fun to talk to.

The opening bands were Sanctus Real and Bethany Dillion. They were both really good. Of course the person I wanted to see the most was Steven Curtis Chapman. He came out and performed about 20+ songs. It was SO cool. He just put out a new cd so he sang some songs from that and also others from previous albums. He had both his sons up on stage with him, one on drums and one on back up vocals and guitar.

My favorites that he did were "Dive", "Fingerprints of God", "The Change", "Live Out Loud" , "More To This Life", "Speechless", and "Cinderella", just to name a few! It was nice to have seat at this concert so I didnt have to stand the whole time. It was crazy cool to be about 5 feet away from him at times. The stage was round and rotated in a circle, it was in the middle of the room we were in.

I feel so blessed to have met the Coccimiglio family who let me have their extra ticket for less money than they bought it. They are wonderful and generous people and I can tell this only from spending a few hours with them in one night!

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