Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Three Weeks

So I am starting this blog about Arizona I guess. For those of you reading this who don't know, I moved here September 9th from northern California. I am living in the Phoenix area. Renting a house with 2 other girls, both LDS who work and/or go to school. I am currently trying to find a job. Other than that, I feel like one big lazy bum. Oh sure, I have stuff I could do...unpack the numerous white boxes that are stacked around my room or go exploring with Lia (GPS). But that costs $$ for gas...not as expensive as Cali was...but then when I drive to wherever, I most likely will want to spend $$, of which I am trying to save/spend slowly til I get a job. One fun thing to see since living here have been the sunsets:
Another bright side, my boyfriend Tony came out here over the weekend, Saturday to Tuesday night. Totally fun! Saturday we set up the computer he brought for me, watched a movie, flew his HUGE kite and did baptisms at the temple with my friends Ryan and Anna. It was fun to see them and it felt SO GOOD to do temple baptisms at the Mesa temple - about 5 min from me. I haven't done those since the mission and Ryan's YSA ward was there so he & Anna invited me to come along. Afterwards we ate some DQ ice cream then Ryan and Anna headed back to Tucson - a 2 hour drive. Tony & I went to a way cool restaurant called Organ Stop. The pizza there is pretty good and a guy plays any song you want on this HUGE organ that comes up out of the floor. Then we drove around, got some food for the next few days and watched another movie on TV. Sunday I went to the family ward, then Tony & I went to the singles ward, we just hung out and made foil dinners which turned out super good. Monday we mostly stayed in and worked on the computer(s) <-- my roomie Britni's computer has some problems - we went to Fry's Electronics (not to be confused with the grocery store) and bought a few things, went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and tried to find a bowling alley that the FHE YSA group was meeting at. Got lost, never found it, ended up renting "The Naked Gun" and "Glory Road". Tuesday was sad for me because it was the last day Tony was here. I actually had a life when he was here! Someone to chill with which I've been missing since I've not made any super good friends since being here...but I haven't been here long so whatever. We went to Fry's again and returned some stuff, bought more stuff, all afternoon I worked on sending out my resume to people while Tony worked more on Britni's computer. We drove to the airport, he checked his bag and we waited together for about an hour til he had to go board his flight to get himself home again. Sad time. I was a chick though and didn't cry! Yay me. But I miss him a lot already and wish we weren't even farther apart than we were before when I was there. I dont know what will happen with us in the future or if we are bf/gf still but I'm cool w/staying his gf for now because that way I'm "safe" from any guys here that want to get serious. Ha!
Funny pic that Tony & I did when he was here


mary c said...

Hi stacie, I think you should go out and have fun. Money comes from strange places and is for fun too. I miss seeing you but I'm glad you are able to get out and meet people.


Stacie said...

Thanks for the comment Mary! I'm trying to go out and have fun, besides the $$ issue, lack of friends is another problem. But I'm working on that. Its just not happening as fast as I'd like. Miss you! Enjoy your weekend!