Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mesa Mesa

So Sunday the 9th of September, my sister Laura & I headed out at 11am to drive to Mesa,AZ from my hometown in Woodland, CA . I drove 11+ hours of that. We stopped at the L.A. temple for a bit and also my dad's old neighborhood which was cool. We stopped at a cool ice cream place called Handel's that makes home made ice cream. I got cherry vanilla which had real marachino cherries in it! I also tried orange pineapple ice cream which was super good. About 1am we were both too tired to drive so we pulled over for a bit and tried to get some rest. My room mates in Mesa kept calling though because they were excited for me to get there so we soon headed out again and got to the Mesa house at 2:30 am. We finally arrived, I was sick of my car and we unloaded our clothes and the birds, I talked to Britni and Michelle, my new room mates, for a few minutes and then I went to bed.

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